Wonderfully Unique Icelandic Horse for Sale- Horse of Gods

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Introduction to the Icelandic Horse for Sale breed

Icelandic horses are the only breed of Iceland that came there with the first immigrants from Norway before 1100 years. Iceland has very rigorous rules with regard to its exclusive hose breed which is the reason to consider them the purest breed of horses in the world. Once the Icelandic horse goes outside of Iceland, it is not allowed to come back to its native country. They remained in a Thousand Years of Isolation in Iceland and withstood many harsh kinds of weather that makes them a strong and sturdy breed. Looking for an Icelandic Horse for Sale? If you wish to have this beautiful bread as your riding partner then look nowhere. Gaited Horses Marketplace is one of the professional sites to get the best horses from all over the world. 

What makes an Icelandic Horse for Sale so remarkable?

  • It is an incredibly beautiful breed of horse. 
  • They have a prominent place in the hearts of the Icelanders. 
  • They are the oldest breed of horses.
  • They are small in size.
  • It is distinctive for its five gaits i.e. the Walk, Canter, Trot, Pace, and Tolt.
  • These horses are renowned for being friendly, athletic, adaptable, high-spirited, and resilient to extreme weather conditions.
  • It offers a fast pleasing ride for long-distance trekking
  • They are unique for having a gorgeous thick and flowing double-sided mane with a thick tail. 
  • They come in a wide range of color variations with almost 42 color combinations and more than a hundred patterns. 

Is it a horse or a pony?

Icelandic horses are small in size and gain weight easily. They are of the size of ponies at times.  Some travelers in Iceland mistakenly consider them as ponies. These horses are the pride of Iceland so calling them ponies is a huge blunder. They are referred to as horses according to the registries. They are long-lived horses. This breed has a calm temperament and is warm-natured to people so that’s why they are loved by everyone. 

Are these horses good for beginners?

Yes. Gaited Horse for Sale which is a beautiful and unique breed is a wonderful choice for beginners due to its friendly nature. They are patient and regarded as forgiving horses which means they let the beginners learn riding. Their shorter stature and unique five gaits make them comfortable, stable and less frightening horses to ride. 

In other countries, beginners start learning by riding a pony but in Iceland, horse riders can start riding directly with an Icelandic horse. 

These are specifically Outdoor Horses

If you ever get a chance to visit Iceland, you will certainly discover a group of horses grazing the field while driving along the countryside. These horses must be Icelandic horses.

If it is winter, they will look extra fluffy in warm coats and you absolutely no need to get worried about the frosty weather because remember they like to stay outdoors. But when there is extra bad weather like snowstorms, they are forcefully kept inside which they don’t like because they are gracefully dressed for extreme weather and after all developed through harsh climate.

Why are they said to have a special gait?

Normally, all horses have three common gaits are the walk, canter, and trot but Icelandic Horses for Sale have two extra gaits that are tolt and pace which have developed in them as the result of a gene mutation. 

The word Tolt is used for the special Icelandic walk on the uneven ground of Iceland and gives a smooth ride. Tolt is somehow the faster style of walking.  In tolt, at least one foot of the horse remains in contact with the ground while lifting the front legs up high. It removes the general bounce which causes a steady ride.

This run might be similar to the actual human runners so they are just like us. However, all Icelandic horses can not perform tolt and those who have the ability to do so must be trained properly for this act. 

What are the places in Iceland for horse riding?

There are many places in Iceland for horse riding. Some are better just for beginners and others are best for challenging rides. If you are looking for the best place as per your riding ability, we have mentioned some of the regions below but this list is not limited here, there are many more amazing places throughout the country. 

The North of Iceland

Hraunkot Farm near  from Husavik

This Lava horses Horse riding center has almost 20 different horses for riding. This center offers short family tours and long gallops. 

Polarhestar near Akureyri

This farm has almost 150 horses and was established in 1985 to offer riding tours. This farm includes other pets too like dogs, cats, sheep, and chickens. This farm offers long tours of 7 days through beautiful valleys and mountains. But if you are a beginner, you are advised not to go on this tour. 

Skjaldarvik near Akureyri 

This farm is run by a family and offers a guest house for up to 28 people too along with a riding center. They also offer to pick and drop facilities in Akureyri city. It is the best place for short riding tours and for photoshoots with Icelandic horses. You may have the opportunity to learn more about Icelandic horses while staying here in the guest house. 

Want to have a look at more riding centers in other parts of the country? Stay tuned!

The South of Iceland

  • Viking Horses near Reykjavik
  • Vik Horse Adventure at Vik

The Wild West Of Iceland

  • Fosshestar
  • Horseback Riding Iceland at Snæfellsnes Peninsula 

The East of Iceland

  • Skorrahestar between Eskifjörður and Neskaupstadur
  • Stóri-Bakki near Egilsstaðir
  • Finnsstaðir Horse Ranch next to Egilsstaðir
Final Thoughts:

We have mentioned a thorough guide above to assist you enough if you are searching for an Icelandic Horse for Sale on different online sites.

Moreover, we have gathered information about all Icelandic horse riding centers present in different parts of the country that will be greatly helpful to you if you ever luckily visit Iceland.


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