With Hard Work and Dedication Everything is Achievable

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best hospital in Multan

With Hard Work and Dedication Everything is Achievable:

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital MASH is the tertiary health care unit established a few years ago in the city of Multan. The hospital happens to be the largest and the best hospital in Multan. It is a 500 bedded hospital and fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery which completely aligns with international standards. The hospital operates round the clock. The competent team of doctors practicing here is ever ready to provide the patients with the best medical services.

The hospital has many departments curing diverse diseases:

Just like any big hospital. The hospital has many departments which provide the best treatment for the diseases relevant to the specific department. For instance, the cardiology department, Gastroenterology department, pulmonology department, nephrology department, orthopedic department, pediatric department, gynecology department, psychiatry department, and many others.

All these departments have specialized doctors who give out their services. The psychiatry department of MASH has established a clinic, with the name of “Spring Clinic”. Which is fully devoted to treating people with mental issues. The clinic has the best psychiatrists in Multan practicing.  

MASH has state of the art radiology department:

With advancements in technology, everything has become easier and better. Modern medical procedures have also made it easy to diagnose and treat different ailments. Today there are multiple methods of radiology that are in use to diagnose and cure disease. 


X-rays are in use to see inside the body of the patient to understand any injury in detail. We all have experienced it sometimes in our life or have seen some close one going through the procedure. This method is in common use. The X-rays are passed through the afflicted part of the body and by that. A picture of the bone structures is formed on the film, placed behind that body part. This is mostly used by orthopedic doctors to see in-depth the injuries or scars of bones.

CT Scan and MRI:

CT scan stands for computed tomography whereas MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. The doctors use both of the techniques to see in detail and study the inner parts of the body. By using both these procedures the doctors can see veins, muscles even tissues clearly. Along with the minute cracks on the bones.

Cancer cells are usable. Hence, timely diagnosis of cancer plays a significant role in its cure. These techniques are making our lives much better.


When doctors need to see inside the belly of a patient then they use Ultrasound. These procedures are under practice In every hospital. The doctors use it to analyze the growth and development of the fetus inside the womb of the mother. Gynecologists, gastroenterologists, and other specialists majorly use ultrasound to see the problems inside the abdominal area of the patients. The procedure greatly benefits the diagnosis and cure of the patients.  

All these procedures are available under one roof at MASH which is one of the reasons for making it the best hospital in Multan.

The Spring Clinic of MASH is making a great difference in the society:

As mentioned above the spring clinic provides psychiatry services to the people of south Punjab. MASH caters to the people living in Multan and its suburbs. Hence, it has patients coming from diverse backgrounds. Most of the people are not much educated and have low exposure. They never considered mental issues as serious problems. And thought of visiting doctors for such problems as a taboo.

The Spring Clinic and the best team of psychiatrists in Multan which is practicing here have created awareness among people about the fact that taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health.

MASH has a well-trained paramedical staff:

Just like any other tertiary health care unit MASH has a well-trained paramedical staff. Nurses are the backbone of any big hospital. A doctor’s job is to diagnose the disease and guide the treatment. A nurse’s job is to take care of the patient. Without a nurse, a patient can never recover. That is why nursing is one of the noblest professions. Because the paramedical is directly dealing with the patients. Hence a fully learned and trained staff can facilitate the patients better.

Only a well-trained paramedic can respond appropriately if any unpredictable incident occurs and can truly be the life saviors. MASH gives great importance to its paramedical staff and has established a nursing institute within the premises. The name of the institute is Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing. MASH has made it compulsory for every nurse serving here to get a certification from the college. The hospital also organizes sessions with international nursing associations to exchange knowledge and experience. To enhance the paramedical services provided to the patients.

With this, the quality of services is improving at MASH improving the living standards of the people of south Punjab. MASH, the best hospital in Multan is a phenomenal addition to the health department of Pakistan. It is uplifting not only south Punjab but the whole country. MASH shows us that with hard work and dedication everything is achievable.


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