Which Bollywood movies are better than Hollywood movies?

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2021 Bollywood movies

Bollywood movies and films are a way of telling stories. However, it is a modern method because they use its proper representation. It takes months of patience and hard work to find the right fit. Therefore, to produce an appropriate presentation. It is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by all ages. There is something productive that affects a certain age group. To make it special to them.

Who does not enjoy visiting a movie theater with friends and family?

It is always a long-awaited moment. Everyone is really worried about when this new movie will be released to plan its day. Either Bollywood, Hollywood, or Lollywood, liberates around the world. Therefore, they watched and enjoyed every corner of the globe.

Like this, many movies have also been released in 2020. However, some of them have contracted the plague and have not been able to recover. 

But they are still getting support from online platforms such as Netflix and amazon prime. So that viewers do not have to wait. Therefore, they may even enjoy living in their own home. Here are some movies you might be interested in.

Cool No.1

This is a Hindi film comedy. So, great laughter for those who love jokes. Directed by David Dhawan and produced by Vashu Bhagani. The film is a remake of a film produced in 1995. And with the same name. released in theaters in India on 1 May 2020. But like all other things, it was also taken by the covid epidemic and could not be successfully released. Later, it was released on December 25th, therefore, at Christmas time.

Angreezi medium

It’s another comedy film and another great joke for its viewers. Directed by Homi Adajania.

This movie is produced by a production house called the film Maddock. It was released from theaters on 13 March 2020. But due to the epidemic situation, its re-release program was canceled.

Therefore, the film is available to everyone digitally in less than a month after its release. This story is about the owner of a delicious store. However, the owner disputes with his younger brother. And who owns a great store? And competing. Still, they are very creative with each other.


Hindi language drama pad Bollywood movies.  Like its title, it is a film full of great drama and suspicion.

This movie is about a couple.

They married happily at first. The woman is very relaxed and a housewife.

She did a lot for her husband, however, a twist happened when she planned a party for her husband. But what did the bridegroom do for her?

Released on valentine’s day

Today Thando is a love film. And the film that followed in its previous version. Released on valentine’s day in 2020.


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