Why Captcha Is Still Ruling On the Internet Security

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2 Captcha

CAPTCHA stands for the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Despite its mouthful name, 2 Captcha is one of the most popular things on the internet and among the user but not for good reasons. In simple words, CAPTCHAs are the tools that help determine if the user behind is a bot or human. After the initial tests, they were adopted by a huge number of website owners.

They performed so well that they had to introduce the Captcha solving service 2 Captcha. This is the service that was introduced to help the users having a hard time solving the Captcha. Even in the current day and time, captcha is still heavily used around the internet to prevent bots from using the websites.

2 Captcha Comes in Various Types Such As:

Confident Captcha

This is also known as image Captcha but with a twist. You will be provided with a series of images with the caption such as click on “horse” “traffic lights” or “cat” This is one of the most common types of Captcha around the internet. This is one of the easiest types of Captcha but if a user is colorblind then clicking on “Red flowers” sort of images can be a problem. This is where the user tends to use 2captcha if the Captcha is taking too long to be solved.

Image 2 Captcha

One of the earliest types of Captcha is the image test. In this type of Captcha, you will give an image with distorted letters and words that you will need to decipher to continue further. Because humans have natural OCR capability so they can analyze the text easily and bots in most cases cannot go through this thus Captcha started to ban the spambots.

However, the con of this Captcha type is that users with impaired vision may find it hard to complete. If they will not use 2captcha API then they will be stuck to the captcha or look for alternatives.

Math 2 Captcha

This is one of those funs Captcha type where you will b provided with the basic match equation such as 1+2=? And you just have to solve it. It is as simple as this. However, some users have even reported that some math Captcha comes with a ridiculously difficult math equation. They would rather skip the website instead of solving the equation in Captcha. This is where one can opt for the captcha app to get the Captcha solved.

Why Captcha Is Still Used?

Captcha was introduced in the late 90s and they are still effective. CAPTCHAs are widely being used by any website that doesn’t bot to stay on their page. But Captcha is also used for:

Maintaining Poll Integrity

Online voting is becoming a norm these days and several online users want to cast their vote and want to share their opinion regarding current affairs. However, spambots can cause trouble and cast a fake vote which can raise the question regarding the integrity of the poll.

CAPTCHAs can prevent fake votes and like and can make sure that each vote cast is done by humans and not by the bots. It will not affect the number of votes that can be made but will make the duration for the vote cast longer so fake voting can be discouraged.

Prevention of Fake Registration

Free registration by email service providers and different other online services is one of the most attractive features by spammers and bots services to create fake profiles and accounts to be used for spreading spam. Though one can take the help from 2captcha bot when Captcha is hard to solve but apart from that, implementing CAPTCHAs can help prevent bots from fake registration and creation of fake accounts.

Again, the account creation will not be limited but will restrict the account creation. This will prevent the wastage of service resources and opportunities for fraud will be reduced as well.

Preventing Ticket Touting

Several online sites have to offer easy ticket availability for almost every occasion and major event. However, the act of ticket touting from scalpers will prevent legit users to book a ticket and then buy them at high pricing.

However, ticketing systems and websites can use CAPTCHA to limit scalpers from purchasing huge numbers of tickets so they cannot resale at a high price. This can also prevent fake registration for major events.

Preventing false Comments

Internet is full of discussion boards and blogs where like-minded users can discuss and post their opinions. However, this comment section is also very attractive for the spammers where they can post the link of their website to generate backlinks. While this may not sound like a big issue the problem arises where a post with too many comments (more than a thousand) can attract negative attention from Google can cause a permanent ban from Google as well.

CAPTCHAs can prevent bots to prevent using message boards, contact forms, or review sites. However, human users may find it annoying to solve Captcha especially when they cannot use 2captcha login to solve the Captcha but this inconvenience can be helpful in reducing online harassment as well.

Why Captcha isn’t Dead Yet?

One of the major reasons behind Captcha still being famous is the fact that Captcha has easy implementation and it is a free product from Google. Usually, free products don’t do well but with 2 Captcha the story is different. It can do great in terms of preventing bots. If you think 2 Captcha is hard then it is mostly because bots are getting smarter that can solve basic Captcha without even a hitch. This is why Captcha is getting hard.

However, if you find it hard to complete then don’t worry, you can opt for 2captcha and get your 2 Captcha solved. The service works with human intelligence so it has higher accuracy than artificial intelligence when it comes to solving the Captcha. Get your Captcha’s solved at a fraction of a cost for a better internet experience.


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