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Top Folk music is not singing professionally. It moves from generation to generation or family to music

Folk music

Top Folk music refers to traditional songs. It is not a music genre that you record in theatres or the music which you release in albums. It is a music genre that is singing by people is informal parties, festivals, and cultural fests. People use this music interchangeably with all other kinds of music, that are popular and include many disparate styles. People learn this music through singing it with each other, not by reading it. The folk song passes from generation to generation and it usually changes with time. This is known as the folk song process. Although, these days people don’t sing it as much as it was singing before, however it is still popular. Anyone can play it or sing it as it is just not for professional musicians. In other words, it’s the music of the locals.

Types of folk songs

The folk song is not singing professionally. It moves from generation to generation or family to family. It depends on the situation, then you make a folk song yourself. For example, birthday songs are also folk songs. However, now it is singing professionally.

Other examples of Top folk music are:

  1. War song – these are given names as ‘first world war song’, ‘second world war song’. It includes songs for the celebration of military victory. It tells about society’s attitude towards war, there are also many antiwar songs.
  2. Drinking song – sung while drinking
  3. Work song – People sing it while getting their work done. It can also be linked with a task
  4. Love song – sung when falling in love, heartbreak, or after a breakup
  5. Protest song – for a movement or change
  6. Sporting song – while fox hunting, gambling, or horse racing

Characteristic of folk music

Folk songs are generally a traditional song genre that passes from families to families. Mostly, people of the rural areas sing it; hence it is rural music. You hear it and learn it!. It lives in oral traditions and is singing mostly by Europe and Americans. People learn it through listening to it by their family members or on any occasion rather than learning it through any institute or such as school or church. Also, top folk music is more participatory than presentational. It provides enjoyment, families sit together on any occasion and everyone goes with the rhythm.

Sometimes folk music contains funny lyrics which provides enjoyment to all age group. Having family-friendly content, this music is what you can sing anytime. People love to sit together and sing such music as it provides them relief from all stress from life. Indeed, music is a therapy. Thus provided relaxation to the mind.

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