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Pune City

Things To Do in Pune


The city of Pune is filled with Maharashtrian art, culture, history, technology and education. It is a known fact that Pune is popular for its quality of education and IT fields. The city drips with typical ancient Maharashtrian culture and its great history.  The city is located towards the south of Mumbai near the mighty Sahyadris and forts of Maharashtra. If you happen to find yourself in  this beautiful city, do consider the following spots. 




This goes without saying that Pune city is incomplete without a visit to the historical Shaniwarwada. This partially ruined fortress was a palace of Peshwas during 1736. The fortress still conducts light shows during important days and educates people about its history. 


Pataleshwar Cave Temple


The exquisitely carved basalt rock cave temple is situated at Jangali Maharaj Road. This architectural marvel was built in the 8th century during the Rashtrakuta dynasty. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and contains a statue of Nandi. The entire cave temple is a  protected monument by the government. 


Tamhini Ghat


Tamhini Ghat is a gateway to wonderful treks in the region. Since Pune city is nestled right in the Sahyadris. The city is naturally surrounded by several important hill fortresses which were built centuries ago. These hill fortresses hold a historical significance due to the city’s crucial role in the history. The Tamhini ghat is located in between a mountain passage of Mulshi and Tamhini. The surroundings are famous for its scenic views, thick forests, lakes, pristine waterfalls, trekking destinations etc. 


Shivneri Fort


This is one of the most important places  near Pune you should visit to get to know the region’s history even more closely. Located near the outskirts of Junnar, Shivneri fort is known to be the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is well preserved and has steps leading up to the top and various sections of the fort. This is a good hike for beginners since the trek trail is already carved out and has less hassles. There are often school picnics conducted here in order to educate children about the rich history and heritage. 


Narayangad Fort


Narayangad fort is located in the outskirts of Pune city about 2 hours drive away. The landmark is a ruined hill fortress which is considered  an easy trek for beginners. The base village of Narayangad is Gadachiwadi from where your trek begins. The trek lasts for 30 minutes and is basically a short escape. There is nothing much to do here but sit or hike in peace. The summit consists of small temples and stunning views of the open lush green  farms of the nearby villages. 


Kurdugad Fort


This is an offbeat adventure near Pune. The base village is Dhamanhol where you can park your vehicle. The trek towards the chimney/ watchtower-like structure is quite easy. To climb till the peak of watchtower-like rock, is risky and thrilling at the same time. The fort is located quite close to Tamhini Ghat and can be reached by alternative villages like Jite or Umbardi. The fort is ruined for the majority of its sections but the scenic views of the surrounding mountains and open fields make it a desirable trek. The trek lasts for 2 hours and it won’t be long until you reach the Kurdai Mata temple. The forest is encircled by thick dense forests around its foothills during the monsoons.  Make sure you carry enough water and dry snacks for the hike. 




This beautiful lake city is the first privately planned city near Pune. The city’s infrastructure and architecture is heavily influenced by an Italian place called Portofino. The city is strategically surrounded by a large pristine lake and greenery. The city has a nature trail within its limits which is a small trek which takes you to a summit from where you can see the Mutha river, lake and the mountains around it. There are a lot of resorts and hotels in the area hence this is a perfect home away from home situation for Punekars. 




This is the ancient style city local market which sells all kinds of stuff, delicious street food, souvenirs, books, artifacts and many more. This almost pedestrian market takes you back in time and lets you imagine the old days of Pune before all the urbanization and commercialization began. The sweets, snacks and dairy products Pune is well known for its top quality. Do pack a box or two for your friends and family back at home. 



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