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Terms and Conditions


Terms Of Website Use

The community world site is a community-based website. Here people can come to create their accounts, share their blogs, images, and videos. They can freely comment, like, and follow each other. The community world site allows marketing, advertising. And share information related to any event. You can post ads of your choice on our website by making a payment on our site. Our site is based on fun. We intend it to be a place of entertainment. However, like every other website. This website also has some basic rules. By agreeing to these basic rules, you are bounded by the terms. We are looking at ways to improve our services related to our website. We fight harmful behavior, protect, and support our community. 

Reliance On Information And Disclaimer

Community world website contains such information material, that is totally for the general information of the viewer. We do not intend to use any illegal or unprofessional data or service. Hence, our website does not disobey any law. We have made warranties about the content we upload. Therefore, we have tried to make complete efforts to keep the reputation of this site as high as possible. The content we upload is correct and up to date. We have reserved our rights to modify and update our information. Also, remove, suspend, refuse, or discontinue any such service which has no reliance. We agree and acknowledge that the world community site has no rights to store, maintain or provide a copy of any content. All the content provided is unique and user made.

Accessing Our Site

Any person being under the age of 13, is not allowed to create an account. Hence, cannot use our services. However, you should be over the age required by the laws of your country. Hence, to create an account and use other services. Otherwise, the content is visible to everyone.

Moreover, it is important to read all the terms and any additional notices very carefully before reaching to any service. If you are accepting these services under a legal entity. Then you should obey all the conditions seriously.

Intellectual Property Rights

The world community site is aware of all sorts of intellectual property rights. We respect and commit ourselves to help people and organizations in protecting their intellectual property rights. The world community site’s terms and conditions do not allow the posting of such content that violates someone else intellectual property right. This includes copyright and trademark.

Copyright is a legal right that protects the original work of the owner. It protects original documents such as words and images. However, it does not protect facts and ideas and they are for the public.

If any copies of contents come on our site, the world community site immediately removes them. However, if we remove your content in response to a copyright or trademark issue, we will notify you immediately through a private message. Otherwise, if you believe that your content is removed on a wrong objection, you can always inform us through email.

Changes To These Terms

We make changes to our terms from time to time as we want to provide user-friendly services. If any changes are made, we will revise them on our website so that all our viewers and users are aware of them. We may also send you an email to your provided address notifying you about the new services. You must agree with all the revised terms to remain using our site.

Limitations Of Liability

The community world site has all the rights to the legal policy. The content or information that you share on this site has no copyright or intellectual property rights violation, then we take the responsibility for your work. We assure you that there will be no damage made to your content. Hence, you will receive a backlink that is permanent and under your property. Therefore, we give you full assurance that your content is in the safe hands of the website. The community world site is not responsible for any damage to your device, or your computer system and to any loss of data.

Information About You

To access to our certain services, the community world site will ask you to provide some of your information to our websites. Like email address, password, and certain other information about yourself. Hence, the privacy policy has set all the requirements information. The information associated with your account is your responsibility. Also, anything that happens to your account. You must maintain the security of your account or else, immediately access us if you feel anyone is breaking your security.

Moreover, by submitting your content to our website, you will have all powers, rights, and authority on your content within the terms. As you are alone responsible for your content.


Cookies are required with the features and services that you have requested. They also help us provide information. Certain cookies help you login into the secure areas of our site. You can decide if you want to accept cookies or not. However, you can anytime delete or block cookies from the setting option if you desire to do so.


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