Setting your Savannah Cats Pets into Their New Home

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savannah cats pets

How does a new savannah cats pets feel in the beginning?

It’s important that you don’t confuse your new Savannah pet once you get home. Each pet will adapt its new home differently from the breeder’s place. Leaving a familiar environment, siblings, and human family they knew at the same time was a significant burden on such a small mind. If you take the first few days slowly, it will let Savannah Cats Pets get relaxed and begin the bonding process.

Why is a small space better for new pets?

 Keeping a new savannah kitten in a small space can be favorable in establishing good litter bin habits in the new environment and making sure the kitten doesn’t feel overwhelmed. If a kitten is given too much room too soon, it will likely find something to hide under or behind and won’t want to explore. Their instincts tell them that there are too many places to hide predators. In a small room with nothing to hide, they are forced to explore the area and learn about its safety. 

How can new Savannah Cats Pets become comfortable with the new place?

The master bathroom is a great place to be when you bring a new kitten home. Following all instructions and letting the kitten quickly sense that their basic need for safety has been met, they will explore their new family and the toys that will surely be available to them. The game is the key. When you reach the kitten level and play with the toys, your new kitten will become less shy and friendly with you immediately. It will be difficult for you to find a Savannah kitten that can withstand the twitch of a toy. Within a few days, the kitten will be exposed to most of the house.

Which type of special care is needed by savannah pets?

As a short-haired feline, the Savannah does not bother much in the method of prepping; it without a doubt should be brushed a few times per week with a metal brush that will clear away detached hair.

Since Savannahs are energetic felines that are fond of climbing, they ought to be given strong rods and feline trees. They are likewise brilliant enough to learn dodges and react best to a clicker and award-based teaching. 

Which act plays a significant role in making savannah cats good pets?

Bottle feeding for generations with a very high exotic heritage ensures a healthy temperament and attitude. Bottle feeding is highly recommended in the first generation for optimal socialization. Proper first-generation breeding requires years of specialized experience with at least three generations omitted for the Serval cats. It is important to keep Bottle raised kittens with the mother in their early weeks to make certain that essential antibodies are transferred. Additionally,  remember to note that any breed of cat that is not endowed with adequate socialization will lead to inadequate social habits. 

What are the services provided by an ethical savannah cat breeder?

Continuous Support.

As Savannah cat pets are not like typical cats, they are hybrid cats so They need to be kept with extra care and diet to make savannah cats good pets. A special extra protein diet is mandatory to keep them energized and healthy. But who should tell all these needs to the pets’ owners?

Obviously, it is the moral duty of the breeders to guide the owners. Diet and other needs must be told to the owners at the time of selling them and even though ongoing support should be provided by good breeders. An ethical savannah cat breeder remains available for all the savannah pet owners to provide all kinds of assistance around the clock. 

Useful advice

If you are looking for an ethical and professional savannah breeder, who would furnish you with the sincere advice to make Savannah Cats good Pets along with the formal instructions and other services, F1 Savannahs will ultimately be the right option in this regard. The best advice given by them is “Slow and steady wins the race when preparing your savannah kitten to accommodate”. 

Getting a kitten used to its new home is no competition, but slow and steady is the way to go. Whenever you allow your kitten to explore your home, be sure to keep an eye on your kitten. Many kittens are attracted to the leash and may try to chew it. It only lasts a few weeks, but obviously, it can be very damaging to a kitten’s health. Wiping or spraying bitter apple on the leash several times in the first few weeks after your kitten arrives can help curb this behavior.

For the first week, encourage your kitten to continue their good habits in the litter by giving them frequent “time out practice in the original space where they started using the litter box and eating or drinking. Start by giving 10-15 minutes of break every few hours.

The longer the kitten runs away from the house, the less frequent breaks he will have to need. Often kittens get upset when you let them have a break, but when you allow them to go and they return to where they want to be, they make the connection to find their way to the trash. 

TICA registration

A professional savannah cat breeder always sells TICA registered cats to ensure their clients that they are buying approved savannah cats pets. Moreover, the reason to buy only TICA registered cats is to make sure that the savannahs have calm temperaments and all other attributes which fulfill the TICA standards. Besides, a good breeder offers only homegrown savannahs which are surely the best pets to keep with family. 


Savannah cats pets are the biggest cats with substantial energy and investment. They require careful training and socialization which makes them bets pets. They are extremely beautiful cats with friendly nature. F1 Savannahs are one of the professional breeders in the town to provide its clients with trustworthy services and quality savannah kittens.


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