Privacy Policy


The community world website is a community-based website where people can come create their accounts, share their blogs, images, videos, do messages, and follow each other. It is a fun based website that also allows users to post ads of their choice. However, they have to pay a certain amount for the purpose. The community world site is intended to be a place of entertainment.

Generalized Privacy Policy Term

A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document that makes known all the ways through which a party gathers, uses, and manages his client’s data. This data can be the personal information of the client. That personal information is used to identify the client. However, personal information does not mean the client’s name, address, date of birth, marital status, or contact information. Neither his ID issue and expiry date, nor his financial records, credit information, medical history, and travel history. It is often just a statement that tells how it collects, stores and releases a party’s personal information it collects. It informs the client about which specific information needs to be collected; whether it needs to be kept confidential or shared with the partner. Sometimes the information also needs to be sold to other firms and enterprises.

The privacy policy is a generalized term which includes generalized and specific statement. Most countries have their own sets of privacy policy hence, it is a universal law. Their privacy law applies to not only government operations but also private enterprises and commercial areas.

Personal Data That We Collect

The community world website is such a website that is a center for all the community. It allows each individual from all around the world to post, comment, and share their information. Hence, for this purpose, the individuals are asked to make an account. On making the account, our website asks them for certain information. That information includes; username, email address, and password.

Automatically Collected Personal Data

Cookies perform the function of automatically collecting data that tells us about viewers’ interest.  Cookies allow sites to recover data when you visit. They take information about your interests by judging which webpage you visited the most and the next you visit back, they show you alternates of that web page. Hence, cookies help maintain user’s interests. In some cases, websites generate cookies automatically. Otherwise, some websites ask you before enabling them. You can always decline or block cookies if you desire to do so.

How We Use Your Data

We don’t share any of your data with a third party. So we can improve our website and our services, we only send anonymous data external services. We want to provide the client most improve version of our website so that they don’t come across any tension. before sending it to any second party so that it reaches safe and comes back safe. The world community site checks if the data is encrypted. We use cookies to store session information only for your convenience. We also collect the messages you send us to maintain a report of our site.

Whom We Share Your Data With

we may share your data with our advertising partner so that he provides you with regular emails about any changes that took place on our website. Otherwise, about any new feature released. Hence, this allows our users to stay updated with us. We may also share your data with service providers so that you receive proper up-to-date service.

Disclosure Of Your Information

We might disclose your information with an authorized third-party service provider. We share your email address with third-party vendors who help us with specialized services including customer support, email development, marketing, and data processing. They use your information just to provide you with services and not for any other reason.

How Long We Retain Your Data

We will retain your private data until your account is active. You will remain to receive emails about any new feature released on our website or about any changes that took place.

How We Protect Your Data

the world community website protects your personal information from unauthorized access. It also protects your data from any sort of unlawful processing, accidental loss, damage, or destruction. We will only keep your information as long as we reasonably require it. The world community site requires you to choose a password while registering your account and it is on you to keep that password private. We advise you to not share your password with anyone.  


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