The Most Hit Pop Music Genre Of Music History

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Pop Music Genre

Pop music is a genre of popular hits. It is among the popular music lines. On the music charts, every week there are hits, and a hit song sells many copies around the world. Always one song from the album gets into the hit list. Their pop music formulae make them hit. This formula has a good rhythm, a catchy melody, lyrics that are very easy to remember and, to sing along too.

In pop music, the chorus repeats many times in 2 or more verses. Pop kinds of music are certainly not very long, they are of two minutes or 5 minutes. These kinds of songs tend to be about love, relationship problems, and joys. The very known pop music artists are

  1. Eminem – American hip hop producer along with a rapper, who was the best-selling US artist in the year 2000
  2. Miley Cirus – She started her career as an acting and country music artist but later became an American pop singer
  3. Katy Perry – started her career with gospel music and later became an American pop and dance-pop artist
  4. Ariana Grande – Amazing American pop, dance-pop, and R&B artist who began her career in musical theatres and she was also a child actor

History of pop music

The pop music genre was originated during the mid-1950s in the United State and the United Kingdom. Pop music takes elements from other music genres such as rock, dance, urban, country, and Latin. Hence, it is a perfect mixture for the ears.

History of pop music stars from the 19th century.  Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner discovered it. Back in the year 1877, Edison discovered that sounds can be produced using a strip of tinfoil wrapped around a rotating metal cylinder. This provided ideas and inspiration for Berliner’s gramophone, which in the previous years used a thick disc to record sound. The flat disc was cheaper and easier to handle than the cylinders they replaced. This enabled members of the middle class to purchase equipment that was previously available to the elites only. Emile Berliner founded the Berliner company thus, to produce cheaper discs like this one. Hence, he encouraged many popular singers of that time to record music using it. Through this, many pop music artists came out and it got introduced worldwide.

Examples of pop music

In pop music, soul and rock combine with other genres to make a perfect balance. Pop music has produced the highest number of hit kinds of music in the music industry. There are several popular pop music artists, including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake.

Examples of pop music are:

  1. “What makes you beautiful” by one direction – this song ended all insecurities of girls around the world.
  2. This song is by Idina Menzel and was featured in the famous frozen movie.
  3. “Royals” by Lorde – Made by a 15-year-old young boy from a small town in New Zealand, hence is inspiration all around
  4. “Hotline bling” by Drake – this one has been a hit for the longest

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