Perimeter is one of the leading perimeter security companies

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perimeter security companies

Perimeter is one of the leading perimeter security companies to offer perimeter lights and other products and accessories. We are a trusted name in the world of perimeter lights, and what makes us so? Years of experience and craftsmanship of our engineers and designers enable us to create the best products to fulfill all your perimeter lighting requirements.

Our innovative product line:

Perimeter believes that every perimeter is different and requires a custom solution for lighting up in order to maintain effective security. 

We have launched six lighting products to help you light up your products.

These products are: 

  • CPL3 Generation 3 Series
  • High-Power Perimeter Light
  • CPL2 Perimeter Light
  • Wall Pack Light
  • CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl Generation 3 Series
  • Perimeter IR Infrared Wall Pack Light 

All of our lighting products are low-voltage, low-cost, and give incredible results when we integrate them with other security systems. Many perimeter security companies are collaborating with Perimeter Lights to create a seamless security experience for their customers and clients. 

Some of the salient features of Perimeter Lights are:

  • Safe 24-Volt system
  • Easy third-party integration
  • Quality CREE LED lights
  • Rugged, high-quality construction
  • IP 66 rated
  • Easy installation process


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