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Airen Herbals is a third-party and Ayurvedic herbal manufacturer that provides a comprehensive portfolio of health and wellness products that meet the highest standards and compliance requirements. After completing all the processes of your Ayurvedic marketing company, the next big step is that you need to find an Ayurvedic Manufacturing company that offers production contracts and third-party services.

You need production

Also, in case you need to be done with your company name outside of the production unit you can go through the process of obtaining loan licenses but the loan licensing process is very complicated so starting with a third party product may be the best option for you. Herbal Products are based on plants, natural herbs, roots, ayurvedic products such as aloe Vera, turmeric, ashwagandha, cumin, etc.

What Is Third Production?

Yes, third-party production is a simple process of producing your company from another production unit of another company. For example, here you will produce company A in company B. Where Company A is a commercial company and company B is a production company.

Your products will be marketed at Company A address and will be processed at Company B address.

We offer the best production services to those who want entrepreneurs to help them sell our products made under their brand name.

Follow strict quality guidelines

At Airen Herbals we follow strict quality guidelines for designing and developing high-quality products with proven health benefits to deliver the right customer experience. Herbal Remedies have benefits such as side effects.

Airen Herbals has many products such as NONI JUICE, ENERGY BOOSTER JUICE, ALKALINE DROP, MORINGA JUICE, Sugar CARE, and more.

Reliable third-party production services

We offer third-party loyalty and contractual services to various pharmaceutical companies that enable them to sell our products under the label of their product label.

Properly aligned with the highest quality guidelines and treatment requirements, our product range fully meets the objectives of the vendors and their end customers.

We specialize in providing bespoke services as per the customer’s preference.

First Product Construction

We provide end-to-end services from the first production to the product and to the product packaging.

India’s first Herbal Producer and Ayurvedic Third Party Production.

Airen Herbals is a highly trusted brand.

The quality and quantity of the Products is good. Leading Private Label Production at India’s leading prices.

If you want to be done with your brand name, then contact us to get the best of the private label.

Best quality standards

All of our products are available at a very competitive price and adhere to the highest quality standards.

With the support of an experienced team of employees, we have a successful track record of delivering products on time without any delay or inconsistency.

We offer hair products, personal care, skin, body, etc. Our motivation is not just to provide products; we just want customer satisfaction.

The reason for the growing popularity is cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and authenticity.

How Can You Find a Third Party Company?

You can look for a third-party manufacturer online or find them through B2B sites.

Ayurvedic production firms also offer advertisements in medical journals, magazines, etc. You can connect to it from there.

Our lab

We have a built-in laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment to achieve high-quality standards.

We use a comprehensive quality inspection process that complies with the best standards set by state authorities.

It allows us to promise the same quality standards for each product set,

Our technology

Our in-house panel of quality experts carefully examines and works on each product group until they meet the required quality standards.

We carefully identify the real and natural ingredients, follow the recommended preparation procedures and maintain a good composition of ingredients to deliver the highest quality Herbal and Ayurvedic.

It helps retailers to deliver the best products to their customers.

Our Vision & Work

We strive to emerge as a pioneer in the field of third-party health and wellness producers and set industry standards for innovation, production methods, and ethical business commitment.


We are in the process of providing high-quality and healthy manufacturing services to encourage more businesses to successfully start health-related businesses that will help the world’s citizens find a better life.

Our Business Philosophy

At Airen Herbal Manufacturing we believe in high standards of conduct and make them an integral part of our business and production process that translates into the success of our business customers.

We see our production services as a tool to help people achieve their commercial ambitions and change their lives while serving humanity.

Our infrastructure

We have a well-manufactured facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure and GMP-certified equipment.

Our production unit operates in full compliance with FDA regulations and standards of quality guidelines by health authorities.

We work with a team of qualified professionals with excellent qualifications and demonstrated skills, ensuring the seamless combination of cleanliness, economy, and efficiency for all of our business clients.

Our technology

We use state-of-the-art technology that allows for me


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