What is Motercycle Handlebar and Its Types?

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Everything about motorcycle handlebar

Motorcycle handlebar:

Motorcycle handlebars are not only vital for your bike’s ergonomics, but they also enable you to show off your personal flair to the rest of the world. Furthermore, the bulk of your bike’s controls are housed in the handlebars. Motorcycle handlebars exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, despite the fact that they serve a single purpose. In other words, the form and geometry of a handlebar determine how a person rides a motorcycle. There’s also the fact that the right handlebar can make a motorcycle seem fantastic. Handlebars are one of the most crucial parts of your motorbike. They are not only important for the ergonomics of your bike, but they also allow you to show off your own style to the rest of the world. Furthermore, on a technical level, the handlebars house the majority of your bike’s controls.

What are the Types of Handlebar?

Bike Handlebars may add a lot of personality to your bike, but it’s critical to understand the mechanical differences before choosing a new set. If the standard bars aren’t cutting it for you, you may add a personal touch and comfort to your bike by choosing the right pair of bars. Handlebars are an excellent way to make a statement while also dramatically altering the aesthetic of your bike. Because it isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique, you’ll need to choose which set of bars would be appropriate for your application. We’ll go over some of the essentials here to help you narrow down your options and ensure a proper fit for you and your bike.

Types of Motorcycle Handlebar:


This is the type of handlebar seen on the majority of low-cost bikes in India. It features a rise on both ends, which then bends outward. The main rationale for using it on low-cost bikes is because it provides a comfortable riding posture for the rider while still giving enough steering input. It is also used by custom motorcycle shops on cruiser bikes to increase the handlebar height over the motorbike’s height. This type of handlebar is more suitable for relaxed riding.

Clip-on handlebar

Now let us take a look at what clip-on handlebars are. Clip-on handlebars are one of the most popular types of handlebars seen on racing bikes. Clip-on handlebars are standard on the majority of contemporary sportbikes. This does not exclude you from using them in cafe racer builds.

Riders are expected to lean forward when driving with this handlebar because of its low position. Clip-on handlebars are often mounted to the front forks of motorcycles, either below or above the triple tree. They will be non-adjustable if you put them straight on the triple tree. Another significant advantage of clip-on handlebars is that they are divided into two halves. They let the rider adjust the handlebars from near to far as needed.

It should be noted that clip-on handlebars are ideal for racing but not for extended riding.

Clip-on handlebars, on the other hand, come in a variety of styles. Even though they appear to be real clip-on handlebars, faux clip-on bars are not adjustable.

Zero Drag

A straight bar, also known as a zero drag handlebar, is a straight length of pipe that serves as a motorbike handlebar. Because they are more of a tuner’s addition, you won’t see many of them on production-spec bikes. A straight bar has one benefit over other types of bars in that it gives high leverage in corners. So, if you want to force a motorcycle into a corner, a straight bar will be your best friend. It does not, however, provide for the same comfortable riding position as the Z-Bar. Straight bars are also found on choppers owing to their aesthetic attractiveness.

Beach Handlebar

Beach hangers and ape hangers handlebars have a lot in common. One thing, though, is different. Beach handlebars are available with no or very little rise height. Instead of ascending, it curves towards the rider.

It has a lengthy, wide-sweeping pullback. Laying back on your motorcycle allows you to ride it comfortably. It also allows you to keep your hands relaxed on the handlebars.


This type of handlebar is not found on any manufacturing motorbike in India. Its design is so lofty that a rider must lift their hands to head height merely to gain a grasp on them. Apart from the fact that they look extremely great, they don’t provide any performance benefits. They can be seen on chop-shop bikes that have been customized to the point of being unrecognizable.


A motorcycle’s handlebars are an essential element. The form and grip location of motorcycle handlebars are important factors in determining your riding posture on a motorbike. This, in turn, determines a motorcycle’s character in terms of how it turns around bends, the amount of effort required by the rider, and the level of comfort provided. A handlebar also significantly improves the aesthetic attractiveness of a motorbike. So always choose the best handlebars according to your preference from a store that sells auto parts online.


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