The perfect thrill for your weekend

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The perfect thrill for your weekend

Rated as one of the moderately easy treks, the altitude of this trek is 2670 ft. Having its base camp at udhewadi located in Pune district of Mahar ashtray, this trek hardly takes a day to be accomplished. 

This is located in the middle of two popular hill stations. This trek can be approached from either of the hills, that is either from Lonavala or karjat.

The manaranjan fort lies at an altitude of 2510 feet facing west and the Shri Vardhan fort lies at an altitude of 2710 ft facing east.

Trekking via the Lonavala side would take you through the much longer yet easy trail, while trekking via the karjat side takes you through caves, waterfalls, etc.

Highlights of the trek

  • The major highlight is the view from the twin forts. It gives you the stunning view starting from the north offering the best sight of Madan point, Dhak Phiri, and bhimashankar. while on the other side you get to view the kataldhar, Lonavala, and karjat. 
  • Apart from that, you’ll also get to see the valley that cuts through and the strong standing valve and Hungary dam. You will also have that opportunity to see the monkey hill towards the right of Shri Vardhan fort and the Duke’s nose at the end.
  • The second attractive thing is the rich flora and fauna all through the trail. The thick forest land in the valley is home to many birds, varieties of lizards, and insects, if you are lucky enough you might encounter a leopard.
  • The sunrise and star gazing are yet another attraction to this trek. in that clear sky you can see stars studded randomly 
  • Pre-monsoon presents you with the beautiful lit fireflies giving you a dreamy feeling.

The trek.

The trek begins from the base camp at Bhiwadi. From thereon this trek can be divided into 3 segments. 

The first section is from udhewadi to bhairavnath temple. With a total distance of 540 mts , this entire distance can be covered within 20-30 minutes 

Trailing on this way you’ll come across a village from where you’ll see a way leading you up to the Lonavala way on the left side.

This path is pretty straightforward and will take you to the place where both the forts are accessible. 

The trek towards manaranjan fort 

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Covering a total distance of 1.4 km this trail can be climbed up in around 45 minutes. The trail towards the fort starts from right behind the temple. With well-cleared mud roads all the way, it will take you to the manaranjan fort.

The trek towards Shri Vardhan fort 

Covering a total distance of 1.6 km this trail can be climbed up in around 50 minutes. This trail is much simpler with well-crafted steps, the last few portions made up of mud path and rock-cut steps.

You get to witness the main point in the front followed by the ranges of dhak Lahiri, Shivpuri mountains, and the bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. 

This fort offers you the opportunity to explore the water reservoir and the temple adjacent to that

Best time to take up this trek.

  • Like other treks, this trek also offers different colors of experience in different seasons. To feel the dreamy effect of the fireflies the month of May and June are best suited.
  • Monsoons offer you a pinch of greenery on your trail which refreshes you all through the way.
  • Post monsoon and winter show you the color of shedding in the autumn and present you with clear views.

Other pieces of information 

  • The nearest ATM is located in Lonavala and kajal 
  • The nearest hospital is located in Lonavala which is 18kms from the base camp. 

Basic things to carry on your trek.

  • Don’t forget to carry your own Basic First Aid kit*
  • Carrying your Identity Card is mandatory 
  • Cap/ Scarf/ Bandana & Sunglasses to keep you away from sunburns 
  • Carry enough water with you (Minimum two liters)
  • High-calorie snacks like Nuts & dry fruits, a home-baked cake, etc.
  • Safety Pins, Rubber bands & Whistles which can be useful during emergencies.
  • Try to wear Quick Dry Full Sleeve T-shirts rather than cotton tees.
  • Poncho, only during monsoons
  • Do carry Plastic sheets to wrap electronic devices, from the monsoon weather. 
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • Trekking poles are optional 


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