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oracle epm enterprise cloud

For the ease of managing your business, it is important to have a comprehensive and seamless data network within the organization that will help in building forecasts and scenarios that would update automatically whenever the fundamentals change. Oracle Epm Enterprise Cloud Pricing is modest and comes with the suite of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud that supports businesses with Planning, Budgeting, Enterprise data management, Tax reporting, Narrative reporting, Cost management, Account reconciliation, Profitability, Consolidation, and Close. The introduction of EPM in the cloud has cut down the prices as both the operational and capital expenses are reduced as companies are no longer required to pay for hardware and software purchases.


Let’s understand how Oracle EPM Enterprise Cloud supports Business:


  • Oracle Cloud Planning –

  • This service offers Custom Planning, Module-based planning, and Free Form Planning to deliver productivity and value to business analysts and planners. Custom planning offers customization based on the requirements of the business. Module-based planning comes with a pre-seeded configuration of capital, finances, projects, strategic modeling, and workforce modules.


  • Account reconciliation –

  • This service with transaction matching support automates the process of validating the company’s financial accounts. The Transaction Matching feature helps to automate the process of reconciliation within compliance.


  • Narrative reporting-

  • This service provides process-driven report packages for authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management reporting.


  • Financial consolidation and close – This service effectively and efficiently manages end to end financial consolidation and close and also integrates the close manager module with other services.


  • Enterprise Data Management –

  • This service helps in managing the business outlook by mapping and sharing data for deployment that would help in building an authoritative system of reference.


  • Tax reporting –

  • This service processes the tax provision of a company following the standards of accounting and the tax rules.


  • Profitability and cost management –

  • The profitability and cost management service manages the cost and revenue budgeting necessary for evaluating the profitability of a business.


How EPM can help in developing the business?

 Enterprise Performance Management uses analytics to improve the performance and operations of an organization in a single platform. The use of analytics to identify business issues, speeds up the process and makes it more adapting to change. EPM is a software based application that can be purchased by organizations and customized according to their convenience to improve the financial and other operations of the organization. EPM effectively integrates the various operations of an organization in a single source and helps in planning, analyzing and reporting based tasks.



For an organization maintaining data through spreadsheets and consolidating them to manage the different operations within an organization, it is an indicator that utilizing an EPM can help in organizing and analyzing the data better. Utilizing an EPM can help to bridge the different applications and spreadsheet in a more systematic manner to support the various operations of an organization. EPM can help an organization in these ways:

  • It could be a cost cutting solution as EPM can save on extra resources, such as time and money, which is required in compiling, organizing and reporting.
  • Depending on excel can limit the capability of reporting and analyzing of data in an organization, whereas, EPM integrates the data faster and helps in better coordination between organizational operations.
  • EPM is more secure and safer way to consolidate organizational data.
  • EPM provides a comprehensive metadata, as there is no chance of missing data or analysis.
  • EPM will provide better accuracy of data analysis and reporting as the application integrates data from all the operations in a single source.
  • As EPM integrates all the organizational data in a single source it helps in replicating process, which configures a secondary EPM cloud environment that ensures availability of a secondary EPM in case the primary EPM is unavailable for some unanticipated situation.
  • EPM keeps pace with the business changes and evaluates reports and planning accordingly.



EPM helps an organization by optimizing the overall performance by connecting financial and operational standards and providing a comprehensive future plan. In addition to providing one source for an organization’s data, EPM also benefits an organization in the following ways:


  • Providing verified data from an integrated source.
  • Consistency in providing and managing metadata.
  • Providing informations that are scalable and retrievable.
  • Capabilities integrated in dashboard.
  • Potentiality to accumulate and analyze data.
  • Improves the change agility that helps in making analytical business resolutions.
  • Faster and effective budgeting, planning and forecasting.
  • Flexible to encounter interference.



Final Thought:


EPM helps in providing more value and profit to an organization by improving the overall performance. Organizing the data and providing systematic and methodical information helps the organization in understanding their performance and evaluating the guidance for better future planning and performance.  Oracle Epm Enterprise Cloud Pricing being nominal makes it a better option for companies to invest for an integrated data solution to outperform in the business.










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