Is hip replacement surgery so expensive in India?

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The cost of hip replacement surgery is cheaper in India than in other developed countries like the United States. Also, hip replacement surgery costs depend on the type of surgery you need.

You can use this article to figure out how much it will cost for different types of hip replacement surgery after considering several factors that affect the cost and the best orthopaedic hospitals in India.

There are different types of hip replacement surgery, and the cost of each one is different. In general, there are two main types of hip replacement, which are:

  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Partial Hip Replacement

 It costs more for a total hip replacement and less for a partial hip replacement.

If you have a total hip replacement, both your ball and socket joints are replaced with artificial implants. When you have a partial hip replacement, only the ball joint of your hip is replaced.

There are a lot of things that can change the cost of hip joint replacement in India, and we’ll talk about them below.


Hip replacement surgery comes with an extra cost, so how much is that?

For hip replacement, you’ll have to pay for everything from medical tests to physiotherapy to medicines to pay for before and after the surgery. The cost of a hip replacement surgery in India can range from 1,50,000 to 3,00,000, depending on the type of implant, the surgery method, and more.


Pre-hip Replacement includes

  • Health Checkup
  • Joint aspiration
  • Arthrogram
  • MRI Scan
  • CAT scan
  • Bone Densitometry test

Post-hip Replacement includes

  • Physiotherapy
  • Medicines

It could cost you between INR 250 and INR 2500 a session, depending on the hospital and the physiotherapist’s skills and experience. When you have surgery, the doctor will give you a lot of medicines that might be pricey.


How does the cost of a hip replacement in India change?

Type of Hip Replacement: Also, the cost of hip surgery in India depends on the type of surgery you have done.

Type of Implant: Today, many different types of hip implants are available at different prices. The doctor decides what kind of implant to use based on the health of the people who need it.

Process of surgery. Approach: Hip replacement cost in India also depend on the type of surgical process. Robotic surgery is more expensive than minimally invasive and traditional surgery, but it’s still more expensive than other types of surgery.

City you choose: If you want to have your hip replaced, the cost will depend on where you want to have it done. There are cities like Mumbai and Bangalore where you will have to pay more than in other cities.

Surgeon’s skills and experience: According to the surgeon’s experience and skills, the operation costs more or less money, which adds up to more money for the whole treatment. However, choosing the right surgeon is very important because the surgery is very complicated. You can look at this list of the best hip replacement surgeons in India to see which one is best for you.

The hospital that you choose: Charges will go up for hip replacement at a high-quality hospital because of their services.

The cost of hip replacement in the U.S. costs about $30,000. Whereas in India, it is about $4000.

India has a lot to offer when it comes to hip replacement costs. Not only does the cost of surgery is less than in other countries, but the quality of care and service is also excellent.


Why does it cost less to get a hip replacement in India than it does in the U.S.?

Currency: As we know, the Indian currency is less than the U.S. dollar, the British pound, and the euro. This means that the cost of a hip replacement in India is less than in other countries, too.

Lower standard of living: Indians have a lower standard of living than people in other countries that have a lot of money and are rich. Thus, medical care, lodging, transportation, food, and other services are very cost-effective.

Skilled Surgeons: Indian doctors charge less than doctors in other countries for hip replacement surgery, like in the United States. The country has a lot of world-class, experienced doctors who can help you for a very low price.

Competition: The world is getting more competitive for affordable health care. This has led to many private hospitals becoming well-known in the healthcare field because they offer high-quality treatment at low prices. As we know, India is the hub for this kind of care.

India is the best place to get Hip Replacement Surgery. It is because of the well-known and experienced surgeons there, which makes it the best place to get the surgery done. 


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