Is Drinking Possible With Invisalign?

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Planning to get Invisalign treatment? It will be your primary step for beautiful, lasting and healthy smile. However, just like other orthodontics options you have to use it as per the instructions of Invisalign provider in Harley Street. Only by this way you can receive best outcome in a short span of time.

On receiving the aligner, most patients ask if they can enjoy any drinks while having the Invisalign into the mouth. But the manufacturer strictly suggests Invisalign needs to remove before any kind of meal, snack and drinks. In this blog, we will help you to know how you can relish on your favourite drinks without affecting both aligner and dental health simultaneously. So, don’t miss to read it out!

Which material is used to make Invisalign?

The manufacturers use medical-grade polyurethane material for designing Invisalign. Basically, it is a flexible and transparent plastic material to craft the aligner from. This maintains the convenience and comfort of use committed by the Invisalign.

Further, the manufacturers make use of high-precision 3D printing technology for the fabrication of aligner precisely. Each set is made meticulously that will exert controlled and gentle pressure on teeth to shift them to original position. 

In what ways alcohol consumption affect the Invisalign?

The consumption of alcohol cannot create direct effect on function and fitting of the aligner. But aesthetically, it can! While you are having any sort of sugary drinks like red wine, beer and soda it starts staining the teeth. You should avoid the consumption of alcohol with Invisalign because of the high content of sugar.

It puts the dental health at the risk of developing cavities in the future. Brushing or rinsing the mouth afterwards is so essential to prevent you dental health from all of these. High acid and sugar on the foods and drinks feed on the minerals of the teeth weakening down the enamel to develop cavities easily.

Do you drink alcohol while having Invisalign?

According to dental experts you must cut off having alcoholic beverages like white and red wine with Invisalign. If you feel like having them then make sure to remove the aligner from your mouth firstly!

Also you have to brush and rinse off the mouth and teeth respectively before putting them back into the mouth. Put them on for 22 hours to get best outcome. Otherwise, it will leave a negative impact on the treatment.  

Drinking Invisalign using a straw

There is no need to pop out the aligner to drink water. In case, you don’t want to remove the aligner each time to have your favourite drinks then use a straw. It reduces the chance of teeth staining and discolouration by half. However, ensure that you don’t consume hot drinks with Invisalign as it can warp the aligner.

Is drinking milk possible with Invisalign?

Milk is healthy for dental health. But alike other drinks it also has sugar! Drinking milk while having the Invisalign will not stain the teeth or aligner. But it can lead to the formation of cavities if you don’t rinse the mouth afterwards. So, you should pop the aligner out to drink anything except water. Otherwise you can also use the straw. 

Can you drink hot beverages like coffee or tea with Invisalign?

Having any hot drinks especially tea or coffee cause bad effects on aligner. Both of them are main culprit of staining teeth and the aligner. Next, the hotness can deform the aligner. Gradually, it will change the original shape and you will experience an issue in fitting further.

At present, Invisalign is most efficient and convenient solution to correct moderate to mild dental misalignment issues. Due to the transparency, it never hampers facial appearance and aestheticism. Moreover, its removable feature lets you to enjoy the favourite foods with no restriction. You have to just remove the aligner for eating and drinking.

Always remember to rinse the mouth well with water prior to put the aligner back into the mouth again. Suppose you forget to do so then the particles will stain the teeth leading to cavities in the future. You must take proper care of the aligner.

With optimum oral hygiene you can complete the treatment in its best way possible. Put on the aligner for about 22 hours to notice effective results. To make an appointment with your dentist in Harley Street, book online here!


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