Incorporate the Latest Technology to Boost Perimeter Security

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Perimeter and buried cable intrusion detection systems

The importance of secure premises is undeniable. It is one of the most basic elements that can help you feel safe in a house or an office. The feeling that somebody is looking after you. You can achieve this sense of safety by taking effective and timely security measures at the borders.

Needless to say, that these are some of the most basic and essential steps you can take to maintain robust security at the borders. With the advancements in technology, new ways of achieving perimeter security are devised. They include but are not limited to; electrified fences, fiber-optic vibration sensors and buried cable intrusion detection systems, etc.

Let us see how they can help you establish adequate security at the perimeters.

The importance of buried cable intrusion detection system:

The buried cable intrusion detection systems are a significant addition to the world of perimeter security systems when used along with perimeter lights. They can help you accurately detect and locate where an intruder is walking, running, or even crawling. Over time, these systems proved themselves to be assets for maintaining covert security at the perimeters.

How do these systems work?

The buried cable intrusion detection systems consist of a processor unit and two sensor cable pairs. We have to bury these sensors cables in the ground i.e., soil, asphalt, or even concrete, etc. The sensors then work to actively detect the presence of an intruder on the terrain and report it to the processing unit. The processing unit in turn triggers the alarms and perimeter lights to alert the authorities and help in the timely detection of intruders.

Integrating buried cable systems with perimeter lights:

One of the best ways to enhance the performance of your buried cable intrusion detection systems with perimeter lights and alarms. So that when the system detects an intruder, it immediately triggers the lights to turn on and the alarms start ringing as well. It will also aid the surveillance cameras to capture clear images of the intruder to help to identify him.

CAST Perimeter Lights – the ultimate lighting solutions:

CAST Perimeter brings low-voltage and low-cost LED lighting solutions to meet all the needs of your perimeters for safer premises. We work on the latest and advanced principles of LED technology and lighting optics that enable us to deliver the best lighting solutions.

Our product line:

To enumerate, we have six lighting products:

  1. CPL3 Series
  2. High-Power Perimeter Lights
  3. CPL2 Series
  4. CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series
  5. IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  6. Wall Pack Lights

Salient features:

Our products give the best results when integrated with other security systems, e.g., the buried cable intrusion detection system. Some of the features that help us stand out are:

  • IP-66 Rated
  • Safe 24 Volt System
  • Surge and spike protected
  • Quality CREE LED Lights 
  • Ambient temperature range

To conclude, CAST Perimeter can fulfill all your perimeter lighting needs and requirements. Contact us for lighting up your perimeters for added protection. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure. 


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