How to Maintain the Best Perimeter Security

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How to maintain the best perimeter security

You cannot hope to maintain effective security in the insides of the building if there is not enough security at the outsides. There are many ways to maintain adequate security. For instance, chain-link fences, electric gates, and fence alarms are some of the ways to ensure the best perimeter security. However, one of the most used methods to enhance security at the borders is by lighting up the perimeters. We bring effective solutions to light up your perimeters for advanced protection. 

Light up your perimeter for the best perimeter security:

It is a fact that the intruders don’t like to be seen. So, they stay away from well-lit areas. Most of them plan their ill-activities in the darkness of the night. Hence, by lighting up the perimeters, you can drive all the intruders away. 

Perimeter lights act as a warning sign for the intruders to steer clear of your properties. Moreover, by lighting up, you also aid the surveillance camera to capture better images, and hence, boosting the overall security at the perimeters.

Which lights to choose for your perimeters:

When talking about perimeter lights, the only name that pops into our minds is Perimeter Lighting. Working with the latest advancements in LED technology and lighting optics has enabled us to deliver the best products for competent security solutions. 

Let us see how Perimeter Lighting can help you boost your security. 

Perimeter CPL3 Generation 3 Series:

CPL3 Gen 3 Series is one of the most used and liked products from Perimeter. It is the ideal choice for lighting up your perimeters for effectively deterring the intruders away. We offer low-voltage, low-cost lighting solutions and deliver what we commit. 

CPL3 is known for its precision, efficiency, and competent performance. We offer seamless third-party integration with your pre-existing security systems to offer foolproof security at the borders. Thus, it ensures that no intruder can walk past your fences without being noticed. 

Salient features of CPL3:

Following are some of the most prominent features of these lights that help them stand out. 

  • Custom stem length available
  • An adjustable knuckle to 22′ beam angle adjustment
  • A luminaire shape that limits glare from water run-off
  • Simple wire splice and easy maintenance design
  • Easily field repairable electronics

Apart from these, easy installation and easy integration options make it profoundly easier to use these lights to maintain high-level security at the perimeters.

To sum up, install Perimeter at the borders and secure your properties by lighting them up. After all, remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure. 


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