Explain how Best cloud computing in world wide has changed

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Best cloud computing in world wide change the way data

What is Best cloud computing in world wide?

Best cloud computing in world wide – Cloud Computing – is defined by the American Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST – National Institute of Standards & Technology) as follows:

“Cloud Computing is a service that allows registered users to purchase and access shared computing resources (servers, storage, services, networks, and other associated services) through an internet connection in a secure manner. easily anytime, anywhere when the user requires. These resources can be set up and deactivated by the user without any service provider intervention.”

Cloud computing is a technology that provides computing resources to users with many different purposes through an Internet connection.

The computing resources provided by cloud computing services are very diverse: from hardware, software, servers, a network of servers, and other types of infrastructure, you can also directly contact suppliers and negotiate. to buy…

Cloud computing is the virtualization of computing resources and applications. Instead of having to use one or more real servers (visible right in front of your eyes, direct impact: touch, press the on/off button, …) with Cloud Computing you will use virtualized resources ( virtualized) through the Internet environment.

The word “Cloud” in the phrase “Cloud Computing” is a metaphor used to describe the Internet. This technology is an Internet connection-based usage method, where users share the same network of servers, software, and data.

To put it more simply, Cloud Computing is a network of computers that are interconnected to create a system that contains a lot of resources. The more computers connected to the network, the more resources in the network will also increase.

You can see email services like Gmail, Hotmail, … are popular applications using cloud computing technology.

How does Best cloud computing in world wide work?

Unlike regular computers, Cloud Computing works by accessing a virtual server through the Internet. To own a virtual server, users must purchase from Cloud Computing service providers.

With the cloud computing system, the workload of the business will be changed significantly. There is no need to invest in a huge computer system with a strong technical team, but businesses can still operate heavy computer programs and activities that require a powerful computer but without investment. too many physical devices.

In terms of facilities, the enterprise only needs to be able to run the provider’s software to be able to use the interface using the cloud computing system. Most of the giant providers like AWS, Azure, or Google allow users to access it by Web browser and the cloud network will take care of the rest.

Instead of installing Yahoo like in the old days, you just need to log in to an email account on a web browser via the Internet. All your data will be stored in the cloud instead of having to download to your computer like before.

What benefits does Best cloud computing bring to businesses?

Cost savings

All initial infrastructure investment costs, costs of purchasing hardware, software, maintenance, installation costs, operating costs, etc. will be reduced. Instead of having to equip a set of installation software for each computer, with Cloud Computing, you only need to install an application/program for that computer. Moreover, there are many Cloud Computing packages with discount codes, coupons will save you a lot of money.

This application/program will allow other users (e.g. your employees) to log into the web-based system, which contains all related programs, information, and documents.

Reduce complexity in the structure of the business

If your business specializes in technology development, it will take a lot of time, resources, finance, and manpower to build on-premises data centers.

However, when using cloud computing services, enterprises’ valuable technological human resources can focus on developing better technology products and services. To optimize the productivity of the entire business and create more profits.

Increase utilization of computing resources

Issues related to depreciation, technology expiration, etc. are one of the headache questions of resource investment. You won’t have to worry about this if you use resources in the cloud.

Cloud computing increases system flexibility and availability

When you need to add or remove one or more devices, it only takes a few seconds to install once for the whole system. Applications and services are dynamically balanced to ensure availability. When one of the hardware is damaged, it does not affect the system, only reduces system resources.

Use resources on demand

Depending on the individual needs of the customer, the administrator will install the corresponding system configuration, removing the pressure on capacity limits when using.

Some limitations of Cloud Computing

Although Cloud Computing brings a lot of benefits, especially cost savings, businesses are still quite cautious when choosing services because of privacy and concerns about downtime. Service providers are still looking for solutions to improve these two limitations so that businesses can confidently choose and fully exploit Cloud Computing features.

Cloud Computing deployment models

Public Cloud – Public Cloud

Public cloud – Public cloud computing. These clouds are owned by the provider, you will have to register with them to use resources such as servers, memory, … through the Internet.

Featured Providers:

Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Private Cloud – Private Cloud

Private cloud – Private cloud computing. A private cloud – a private hosting platform – will usually be privately owned by a business or organization. This service will often be more secure in the form of firewalls, etc.

Featured Vendors: VMware, OpenStack

Hybrid Cloud – Hybrid Cloud

By the combination of public Best cloud computing in world wide and private cloud computing. Combined cloud computing not only ensures the infrastructure, the security set by the enterprise, and ensures the synchronization if the enterprise develops multination ally.


Above is an article about how Best cloud computing in world wide works. Hope this article will bring you useful information.



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