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This is a basic question fildena 100mg and cenforce 100 and answer session about the erections. It will attempt to determine whether your erection issue is physical or psychological. The final thought I have on an erection issue is this. If what is happening bothers you, makes you anxious or causes you to distance yourself from other people,

then it’s an issue of sufficient importance that you need to bite the bullet and visit your physician


Do you have the ability to achieve an erection by masturbating?


If so, it’s likely the cause is some type of psychological blockage or nervousness, shyness, anxiety, or perhaps performance anxiety.


Do you feel a sexual urge to perform?


If you’re unable to have an erection but don’t feel the desire or desire for an intimate relationship and it’s taken place for a long time, then you might have a medical reason for your inability to get an erection.


Do you awake with an sexual erection?


Erection problems are essentially that. It means that you’re not getting an erection. If you wake up with a strong feeling, the issue is due to the emotional aspects of the moment.


Did your erection issue appear quickly or begin slowly and then get more and more of an issue?

The majority of erection issues which start slowly and persist for time and time again are believed for being the result of a variety of medical conditions, including blocked arterial arteries, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Are you under stress?

Stress impacts all aspects of our lives and even in the bedroom, there is not an exception. If you’re feeling stressed due to work or other obligations and you are experiencing stress, then it’s likely that the issue is coming from your mind.

Does your penis look same for you?


Certain diseases manifest as bumps or torsions on your penis


Are you taking any prescription drugs, including prescription herbal or prescription drugs?


Certain medications have been proven to trigger this issue Ask your physician whether one of your medications could be the culprit.


Do you consume alcohol?


There’s a wide interval of drinking between two and one drink that can cause your erections to appear stronger and more pronounced If you drink more than this point, you’ll experience difficulties in achieving an erection, and should you be an avid drinker, you might cause nerve harm.


Are you a diabetic? 

It is believed that 50 % of those with real impotence issues long-term and severe suffer because of diabetes.

Are you having your blood tests checked particularly for cholesterol and blood sugar in the last few months?

The high cholesterol level isn’t something you can get one day and it will go away. You must be checked at least once a year. It is also a condition that is a possibility if you are over 50 or have gained weight. You should have it examined annually or if you are extremely thirsty or go to the bathroom often.

 Are you experiencing any other health issues in conjunction with your erection issue?

 It could be a hormonal issue if you’re constantly losing hair, experiencing mambos in places you never had previously, and feeling emotional displaced.

 If the root of your erection issues is medical, then you’ll have a less interest in sex, and will most likely become sexually sterile? 

It’s not true. the problem with erections has nothing to do with have to do with whether you be a bit difficult or not, not if you are able to have babies. And when you stop being interested in sex , it’s likely an excuse to protect yourself. 

Do men suffer from difficulties with their erections? 

It is estimated that 100 million males at some point or another will be affected by this issue.


Problems with erections always occur with getting older?


It is likely that you will get older and be unable to perform the old positions you used to love and, of course, you’re more likely to suffer from a variety of aging-related illnesses that affect the erections you have, but you don’t need to control and consume your sexuality.


Most issues with erections stem due to mental causes?


This isn’t the case the psychological and mental causes could be the primary cause or they may be connected to a medical issue. Around 25% of men find the root of the problem to be psychological.


The majority of problems with erections are because of physical problems?


It is true that anywhere from 75% to 90% are caused by physical factors. There are five medical risk factors that can cause erectile dysfunction.


Circulation issues

Cholesterol up to high

High Blood Pressure


The arteries are hardened.


Problems with erections almost always lead to depression?


Every chronic health issue can result in depression, however this is a major problem for men to avoid and not be caught in. Talk to your doctor first.


If you’re experiencing this problem, it is best to wait until it is resolved?


Yes, no and definitely you need to allow yourself some time to assess whether this is a genuine issue for you, even though going to the doctor the first time you do not figure it out might appear to be a good idea and I’m sure that your doctor will not be apprehensive. However, those suffering from this condition over time may develop depression anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and low self-esteem. This can hinder their social activities, which can limit their social life.

Drinking, smoking and taking drugs will only cause temporary issues with erectile dysfunction?


Yes and No. If you smoke or drink occasionally, you shouldn’t have any issues however if you do one of these activities frequently, and over a long period of time, they may have long-lasting impacts on your ability to achieve a sexual erection.

I am a MAN; I do not need a stinking Doctor

Oh, sure, If you’re experiencing an issue with your erections that you are concerned about. Don’t forget to get clear instructions to get you into the physician’s office. I’m sure you’ll never hesitate to inquire. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can be dealt with much quicker and better than try arrowmeds sell fildena to fix it yourself.


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