Enhancing your Fence Security System with Lighting

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Lighting leaders among perimeter security companies

Why deploy a perimeter security system?

Have you been a victim of vandalism or theft? It’s fairly important to secure your premises after investing huge amounts into your business. You should secure your premises by surrounding them with perimeter fence security. So, no unauthorized person can gain access. This can be an effective solution to keep you focused on what’s more important than worrying about the safety of your infrastructure including machinery, facility, or any sort of data. Various perimeter security companies provide fencing services 

Secure perimeter with Perimeter Lighting

Finally, when you are through creating a perimeter, the next precaution is lighting up your fence. Even though you are secured with a fence but still without lights, eyes are worth nothing and that is why we say “if it’s not lit, it’s not secure”. Perimeter Lighting is regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Winning multiple awards on various occasions. 

Key features for best illumination

Perfection is achieved when attention is paid to every little detail. Consequently, this will improve the efficiency of your perimeter system. firstly, glare-free lighting is the root of an effective lighting system. 

Why choose us?

We are not only cost-effective but our highly reliable products which are completely tested to be resilient and withstand any weather conditions. Furthermore, our sophisticated premiere lights will save your electricity cost consequently reducing your utility cost. Widely renowned as the innovator in the industry by our clients and associate partner perimeter security companies, Perimeter Lighting yet again launched something very exciting.

PoE Interface CPOE60W

This device can connect a lighting grid up to 200 feet together. It is safe to use and cost-effective. 

Further expansion project

In the near future, if you plan to expand your security system, we will make sure that we have that in mind as well, unlike most perimeter security companies. We know companies expand and if security systems and lightings are embedded neglecting the idea of expansion then the equipment. Which can later prove to cause difficulties. So, keeping that in mind we will ensure any further expansion can be implemented. 

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