The most ancient breed-Messara horses for sale and hoof care routine

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Messara horses for sale

Introduction to the breed

Messara horse is one of the lights riding horses and is also referred to as “Cretan Horse”. This name was derived from the lovely island of “Crete” alongshore of Greece, where this breed was developed and became native of Crete. These mountain-type horses have been present on the island since not far from the year 1000. So, this pet horse breed is considered to be the most ancient breed in Europe and does not exist anywhere else in the world even though they are nearly extinct now. Read on to learn how Messara horses for sale came into existence.

This breed is a result of crossing between the native horses with the exotic Arabian Horses from Turkey in the 17th century. A preservation program had been started in 1994 and today they are found in hardly just a three-digit number. They are mainly situated in the Mesara plain. 

What habits should be adopted for hoof care of Messara horses for sale?

There is no specific time of the year for the hoof care of your horse, it should always be on priority for a better ride and health of your horse. You are advised to include the following hoof care tips in your daily life to avoid any big problems happening. These tips are also useful to keep your horse’s hooves healthy and sturdy for a long period of time. 

Schedule your horseshoer punctually: You just need to set a schedule for trimming your horse’s hooves. For this purpose, it is necessary to consult your horseshoer to see what he suggests for your horse according to your routine, environment, and situation. Nearly all horseshoers suggest trimming every four to six weeks. 

Overgrown hooves become uneven and imbalanced. Regular visits to your horseshoer will help pruned hooves remain stabilized and will give rise to healthy hooves without any cracks. 

Stop thrush:

When horses remain in a moist environment for a long period of time, thrush develops in their hooves which is known as a fungal infection. Thrush grows and spreads fastly and if it remains untreated, it brings about severe pain and damages the feet. Thrush is difficult to avert if your horse lives consistently in a damp environment during the wet season.

Use an efficient dressing: You are also advised to include a multi-use dressing in your routine for your horse’s hooves that surely helps in hoof maintenance practice. A good dressing takes care of the different parts of a hoof, uplifts hoof growth, avert dryness, and secures the heel, and frog.


We hope you liked our above-mentioned tips for the better care of your horse’s hooves. If you will implement this routine, it will make your horse and rides more delightful. Moreover, if you are thinking of buying one riding partner for yourself and looking for a dependable online website for all types of horse ads, we would like to recommend “Gaited Horse Marketplace”. Visit it and find quality Messara horses for sale among the authentic classifieds. 


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