Greyt Hr Processing With Best Payroll Software in India

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best payroll software in India

It is difficult to process Best Payroll Software in India. This involves gathering timesheets from employees and payroll data, as well as calculating the net salary of employees after taking into account benefits, deductions, taxes and preparing paychecks.

It is a step-by-step process. Manual payroll processing is time-consuming for every employee, especially startups and SMBs. Many employers commit payroll errors around the world.

Payroll Integration With greytHR: How it Works

Payroll Integration with GreytHR offers a fully integrated HR System and reduces the time spent on Best Payroll Software in India processing. GreytHR integration, you can perform a variety of payroll tasks quickly and accurately.

Syncing up Employee Database

You will need information about all employees to begin the best payroll software in India. The employee master data contains the following information: employee ID, name, date joined, location, bank account details, and any other pertinent data.

Integration with greytHR allows to automatically sync their employee database with the greytHR account. It takes just a few clicks. Moreover, any changes to the database fields will be updated automatically.

Calculating the Loss in Pay

Incorrectly calculating the Loss of Pay (LOP), can lead to workers being under- or overpaid. Based on employee attendance, calculates LOP days each month.

GreytHR allows you to easily push the LOP Report for a particular period and adjust LOP during payroll processing.

Capturing Employee Benefits and Expenses

You can easily capture details such as salary, shift allowances and travel expenses. Benefits, reimbursements, provident funds (PF) and other details can also be captured. You can easily push the data to your integrated greytHR account to calculate payroll.

Payslip Generation

Payroll processing and payment are completed. The greytHR platform generates statements and payslips automatically. Self service portal allows employees to instantly access their salary information. It eliminates the need for additional logins or printed payslips.

Who can benefit from greytHR Integration?

All organizations located in India and UAE can take advantage of greytHR integration. Most companies handle payroll tasks through the HR department. In other cases, these are managed by Finance. Both existing and new customers can take advantage of the advanced features and functionalities of software for payroll processing.

The HR and finance teams can help ensure a faster and more efficient on boarding process. The greytHR system will automatically sync the data after on boarding. Any modifications made in greytHR are automatically reflected, so there is no need to input data twice.

Payroll Management Software

GreytHR integration: Benefits

Integration offers many benefits. The integration offers many benefits, including:

Efficient and Simple Automation

GreytHR payroll module only requires basic inputs to calculate things like pay loss, reimbursement amount, outstanding loan, advances, and other factors. Integration allows inputs from other systems, such as leave and attendance software, to flow in. This reduces duplication and increases error probability.

Compliance Needs

India’s laws regarding statutory deductions such as Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax and Income Tax (IT), are constantly changing. This requires professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest statutory changes. greytHR receives regular updates from the backend that include these changes. This ensures compliance and eliminates the possibility of missing compliances.

One-Click Process

Simply click on “Process Payroll” in greytHR. This application quickly and accurately calculates salaries including statutory deductions. They can also be made available in real time for employees.

Information Security

Backups are created automatically in highly secured data centers and kept up to date. This protects your sensitive and critical data from being accessed by outsiders. This reduces the time and effort required to manually create data backups.

Less Dependency on Employees

Organizations are not at risk if an employee responsible for managing the payroll system suddenly leaves. Multiple logins can be created and used to assign different admins. The integrated payroll software is easy to use and has a simple interface.

How to integrate with your greytHR?

A super administrator can configure greytHR integration. Payroll admins can be either the super administrator or the one designated by the super administrator.

You can sync greytHR with Admin console by going to the Integrations tab. Both greytHR require one email address.

Already have a greytHR account

These steps can be used to sync an existing greytHR account with your account if your organization has one.

Register to create an account. Your homepage will appear. Navigate to Settings > Integration > Other.

  • Choose Configure in the greytHR Tile
  • Click on the Integration Settings tab, and choose Existing Account
  • For integration, enter your username, domain name and access ID.

Your greytHR username and domain names are the same. GreytHR generates access ID and API keys for each account. To generate keys, you can refer to the Integration settings page.

Next, click on ‘Map existing account’. This will integrate your greytHR account. 

Create a new greytHR account

You can open a new account if you don’t have a greytHR account.

Register to create an account. Your homepage will appear. Navigate to Settings > Integration > Other.

  • Choose Configure in the greytHR Tile
  • Click on the Integration Settings tab, and choose New Account
  • Click on Check to enter your domain name.
  • After you have selected Raise my request, an Integration Request is sent to Support team. GreytHR will verify your account and set up the call.

If you have an automated system that can control all your online payroll software procedures and store the employee’s data.

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