Finding the Best Construction Company in Islamabad- Capital Territory of Pakistan

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Construction Companies in Islamabad

What do you know about the construction industry?

Construction is one of the significant sectors of a country that contributes greatly to overall economic development and uplift. This industry is a great source of offering employment to millions of workers. This is an investment-led industry in which the government shows a substantial interest.

It includes building, renovation, repairing, annihilation, and maintenance of a building and infrastructure. It involves an extensive range of services from planning to finishing services. Stay tuned to read about the useful practices that can be employed by every best Construction Company in Islamabad in its projects.

What is Prefabricated Construction?

It is a procedure in which factories produce ready-made material and building components off-site that are used to build buildings in no time. A prefabricated building is informally known as a prefab. The employment of prefabricated construction is becoming normal in Pakistan very fastly. 

Understanding sustainable construction

The construction industry is the industry that is the biggest consumer of materials and creates massive waste than any other industry. With the passage of time when resources are getting finite and climate changes have become a substantial concern, the need for sustainability in the construction industry has increased. so in consideration of this issue, construction industries are advised to lessen their environmental impact. 

Do you want to know the benefits of sustainable construction?

If you are looking for a professional Construction Company in Pakistan that is using sustainable practices in its construction processes, GVT (Geovision Technologies Pvt. Limited) is the right option for you. They are implementing all the latest trends of the construction industry in their all projects. Let’s read about the advantages of sustainable construction.

Sustainable materials

We are going to discuss the sustainable materials in the following that cause less pollution and waste in the environment.

Biodegradable Materials:

Traditional construction materials steer to the aggregation of waste and toxic substances that don’t degrade soon. These kinds of wastes take many years for breaking down. On the other hand, the use of biodegradable materials causes less damage to the environment because they get desolate very easily and quickly. 


It is a top sustainable building material that is analogous to concrete. It is produced by combining wood fibers obtained from plants with lime-based binder and water. 

Green Insulation:

Insulation plays a pivotal role in the construction. The use of green insulation rather than traditional ways of insulation has proven to be a sustainable practice. Green insulation is prepared from recycled materials like denim and paper. 


According to sustainability experts, Bamboo is said to be the most environment-friendly and sustainable building material on Earth. Bamboo has exceptional durability and strength than concrete and bricks. Its quality of quick self-generation makes it more significant.

Sustainable Technologies used by a professional Construction Company in Islamabad

  All of the well-known Construction Companies in Islamabad have started to implement sustainable technologies in their upcoming projects to impart their positive part to the environment. Following sustainable technologies are getting popular in Pakistan.

Electronic Smart Glass:

This latest technology reduces the impact of the cruel heat of the Sun. The smart glass actually decreases the amount of radiation reflected by the windows by charging them through electronic signals. This process helps to reduce the costs of air conditioners bills. 

Solar Panels:

The best sustainable way to produce electricity is through solar power. Solar panels are fitted on the roofs of the buildings to collect sunlight. This sunlight is converted into electricity. Besides, solar thermal technology can also be used for water heating. 

Self-Powered Buildings:

One way to choose the best Construction Company in Islamabad is by finding that either the company is using technology to construct such a building that generates sufficient power to fulfill their own energy needs or not.

In a self-powered building, extra energy is sent back to the power grids of the city. In this process of power production, turbines are set up on the rooftop and wind energy is used to run turbines that produce the power required by the building. 

Cool Roofs:

These roofs have the quality to reflect excessive solar radiation and prevent cool air escape through the roof. 

Factors that cause lost labor productivity in a project

Labor productivity is generally also known as workforce productivity. It refers to the total amount of output accomplished per unit of labor during the designated time period.

The actual cost of any construction project is based upon labor costs and labor productivity. A substantial loss happens when more time is taken to accomplish a given work. Read on to know about the factors that become the reason for lost labor productivity. 


Unfavorable weather is the major cause of delays that in return causes lost productivity in a construction project. 

Lack of skilled labor:

Unavailability of manpower directly affects the schedule of the project and makes it difficult for the contractor to complete the work on time. 


The continuous overtime work causes exhaustion and increased absenteeism of the labor which ultimately have an adverse effect on productivity.

Multiple trade contractors:

The labor productivity is also affected by crowding and stacking of trades in the project area. It results in unavailability of the materials and increased man-hours which in return causes loss of efficiency in the project. 

Cumulative impact:

Combined effect of multiple changes in the project can be one of the reasons for lost productivity

Wrapping up: 

Time matters a lot for the success of a construction project. Remember, a top Construction Company in Islamabad always takes great care of all the factors in advance that may cause delays in the completion of the project and also tries to make use of the latest construction trends in its all projects. 

To sum up,  we have provided you with the valuable information above that can be helpful for you in choosing the best company for your project because construction is that process which is done only once so you need to be careful about giving either your residential or commercial construction project in the professional hands. 


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