Architecture Guidelines for Laying Advanced Perimeter Security

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Architecture guidelines for laying advance perimeter security

Advanced Perimeter Security Shifting of the Trend

CCTVs and electronic security systems have always been the center of advancement in the security business. However, the industry has witnessed a shift towards physical security systems in recent times. They are becoming more and more popular with new technology introduced. 

The New Beginning

Perimeter Lighting has played a vital role in the upbringing of the lighting industry. We have developed products like CPL3 LED to steer the industry in the right direction. In addition, the CPL3 generation 3 series is applicable at dozens of sites including medium-risk and high-risk. 

Continuous Reinforcement

Barriers are altered in a way to stands in the way of intruders. However, it’s not only the industry that is advancing, so are the thieves. Therefore, it is a never-ending battle. Nothing to worry about, as for now, Perimeter Lighting has the most effective lighting to offer. 

What Else Other than Lighting?

While it may be true that lighting is an important step along the way of setting up advanced perimeter security, there are other components involved. Surveillance radars, perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), CCTVs, sensors, fiber optic cables, and electronic fences are all part of a vigorous security network. 

Multi-layered Protection

Laying out the architectural design before implementing advanced perimeter security is useful. At the same time, demand has increased for multi-layered protection. Technologies growing in popularity include next-generation fence-mounted sensors, infrared, and integrated fiber-optic PIDS. 

Moreover, Thermal cameras and video analytics are also popular solutions, while intrusion detection technologies such as microwave, seismic sensors, and radar are also experiencing high growth.

With all that said, Perimeter has introduced various lighting fixtures. Starting from white light and to infrared light. 

Lates Generation Infrared Lighting

Perimeter CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl Light is an innovative lighting solution. With an option to switch between white light and infrared light when someone approaches the fence. It is an intelligent security solution. To explain, it works in a circuit with Perimeter Dry Contact Closure Transformer. The transformer receives detection of nearby intruders or trespassers and it turns on the lights. 


Below mentioned sites can get the best out of Perimeter infrared wall pack light.

  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Residential Properties to illuminate building perimeters
  • pathways
  • Walls and alleyways of highly secure areas/buildings

Decide for Yourself

Perimeter Lighting is offering unbelievably low-priced products. Hence, it is your decision now on how you want to handle your advanced perimeter security.

Place your Order Now!

Visit our website to find out more because this is just not it! Choose the best there is to illuminate your perimeter fence security. Because remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure! 


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