Why It Is Great To Go For Affordable Organic Clothing?

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affordable organic clothing

Organic is something that we are listening to almost every time we go out shopping for groceries, utensils, and even clothing. This might have you wonder that what is organic is all about and why it is creating buzz these days. From eating to clothing, an organic lifestyle is becoming one of the major trends these days. This has been a major reason that affordable organic clothing brands have gained so much attention from the masses. 

The credit goes to the organic food movement that emerged recently where it showed how beneficial the organic lifestyle can be. Organic crops are grown without using harmful pesticides. Because no traditional preservatives are used so they usually reach you without any delays and regular productions. Also, the flavor is rather rich than their alternatives. 

While putting organic food in our bodies is a good idea, it is also effective when you put it on our bodies. Eco-friendly clothing is one of the stands apart trends that shouldn’t ever be replaced until it is better than this.

Here is Why Affordable Organic Clothing is Great.

 Benefits For Agriculture

If you don’t know about organic farming then the organic farming methods consist of using soil, water and manual work, and automated practices. The pesticides and fertilizers that contaminate aren’t limited to the plants only but the harms of the chemicals make it ways to the soil, air, and waterways around them as well.  Also, the chemical used in such farming will remove the nutrients layers of soil and cause soil erosion. This heavy usage of chemicals starts a vicious cycle because the soil where the nutrients have been depleted will require them to use fertilizers even more and the cycle of containment goes on.

Using fertilizer will affect the waterways after a while and those who live around and depend heavily on those waterways will suffer from the chemical containment. More affordable organic clothing means there will be more demand for organic farming. The material used in creating fabric for clothing will belong to the rather organic side. This will directly impact traditional agriculture.

While commercial agriculture will require artificial ways to produce more plants to meet the requirements, there will be research to make less toxic chemicals and explore methods to produced more plants not only as food but to be used in manufacturing eco-friendly clothes as well. This will leave a positive impact on organic farming.

Benefits for Marine Life

Unlike organic cotton clothing, synthetic cotton is purely a human-engineered product that is widely manufactured by using petroleum-based material. This is the reason why it contains microfibers and microplastics and these tiniest pieces of plastic have created some really intense environmental issues. Whenever synthetic cotton or material is washed a huge number of these particles also get into the water.

Because of their size, they are hard to be captured by the local fishermen but they will make their way to the ocean and rivers. The animals living in them will consume them and they will suffer the consequences. The sad part is, these micro plastic particles are passed on when a large fish or creature will consume it and the cycle will go on. And in the end, it will return to us.

When these animals are reached in our kitchen to be consumed then we consume that plastic as well. Though the harms of them to our body are unknown as we all know that is processed plastic and it may contain many types of bacteria will let you imagine how harmful it can be.

Organic fabrics or earth-friendly clothing isn’t manufactured synthetically, so they don’t cause any environmental problems and they can even be biodegraded into earth back naturally. Though some manufacturers may add a little amount of spandex and alike in creating affordable organic clothing the amount of plastic is already cut down. Microplastics are a major concern for anyone who loves its surroundings but sadly it isn’t limited to the wardrobe only though can be reduced by opting for organic cotton clothing.

Energy & Climate Benefits

You may have no idea that traditional farming is harder working than organic farming. The use of additives in pesticides and fertilizers will require hard work to extract the chemicals, create the product and use them in farming. Because it is a mostly automated process so fossil fuels are used. Fossil fuels used in manufacturing synthetic substances can emit a huge amount of CO2 in the air and pollute the water.

Organic farming, on the other hand, can reduce pollution in real-time. Because it can help retain the healthy soil and during this process, the CO2 emissions can be reduced in the air, and when nutrient-rich soil will be available in the land, it will support new crops and require no fertilization. Also, organic farming requires less water that helps in preserving water resources that will help save the earth’s precious resources.

Benefits to Individual

Eco apparel or clothing is not created with any human-made fibers or synthetic material so no pesticides will be used in any of the processes and as a consumer, you will gain huge benefits from them. Synthetic material is cheaper when it comes to creating clothes but the dangers come in long run to our atmosphere and earth and even individuals. Such as, people with sensitive skin may have suffered from allergies and harm caused by the synthetic material. If you love to If you don’t want to eat harmful, artificial chemicals, then you should definitely avoid wearing them as well.


A huge number of people have reported about the uncomfortable reactions caused by synthetic material that has even caused weakening your immune system.  Talk about the eco-friendly fabric is known to be hypo allergic because it is created through natural ways and by using natural resources and this is why it is known to be eco-friendly clothing. Brands such as Neunomads are offering a wide range of green clothing at the most affordable pricing. Browse now for more information


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