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savannah cat

Savannah Cats

Thinking of buying a quality savannah cat from a professional breeder? Watch our exclusive documentaries that have been shared below to help you in making decisions. 

Why choose us?


With immense knowledge and experience in this feline breeding, we strive to produce quality savannah cats that prove to be the best companions.

We are TICA registered Savannah cat breeders and are well-known for offering our satisfactory services. 

We assist thoroughly in taking care of your savannah cat. Get in touch with us for all the current news, latest trends, and useful tips regarding this exotic cat breed

Savannah Cat

High Energy 

The savannah cat breed has a high level of energy as compared to other cat breeds. They always search for new ways of entertainment. 


Vibrant colors

Savannah cat for sale comes in different patterns of colors with spotted designs. The typical color of African serval is usually golden with dark spots. However, you can find this breed in silver, smoke, snow, and black colors. 


Larger size

Savannah cat size is much larger than common cat breeds in height, length, and weight. They have long legs with big paws.


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Exotic cat breeder

We are proud to concentrate on breeding perfect savannah kittens similar to the serval in appearance and they are raised under TICA standards. Being one of the professional savannah cat breeders, we strive to offer healthy and happy kittens from f1 savannah cats up to the f4 generation. Our nourished savannah cats are well-socialized, groomed, and exotic-looking. Are you ready to have this beautiful pet in your family? Make a call to us right now for further details and visit our site to learn more. 

Comparison of Savannah generations


The extremeness of looks is seen in F1 which is similar to the African serval to a great extent. F2 also possesses extreme looks but is not velvety and slim like F1. However, F3-F5 has more variations. Some look like African serval while some resemble domestic ones. There is also found a wide range in savannah cat sizes. 



F1 savannah cats & F2 savannah cats get attached only with the adults of the family while they don’t take interest in kids and visitors. They also don’t adapt to change easily. On the other hand, the F3-F5 Savannah cat breed is more affectionate towards kids. In fact, they make a close bond with all people easily. They are good at handling change as compared to F1 & F2 savannah cats


Color variation

F1 generation has a true golden color like several while some F2 savannah cats have a golden color and some have alterations in golden color. If we talk about the F3-F5 generation, they have more variation in their coats. They don’t maintain exactly the golden color of African pets but they have an orange base color in their coats. 




History of savannah cat

A savannah kitten basically had been created by crossbreeding of a domestic cat Siamese with a male African serval pet. This successful breeding was achieved on April 7, 1986, by Judee Frank, a Bengal breeder in Pennsylvania. The Savannah cat breed gain popularity in the late 90s and is considered a new breed of cats. Then it was properly registered as the savannah cat by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001. Furthermore,  it turned to be the championship breed in 2012. In the early 90s, Patrick Kelly called up Joyce Sroufe to help him produce the breed by using the baby of the first crossbreed. They were successful and their efforts were to persuade TICA to accept this new breed.

It was named a savannah because of the serval’s habitat and its beauty reflects the magnificence of Africa’s golden plains. Savannah is the smaller form of African serval.

About Us

“Savannah Cats” is known as the original hybrid exotic cat breeder that was established in 1999. It is an inspected cattery registered with TICA. With 22 years of collective breeding experience and fascination with the wild and exotic beauty of African serval, our team has developed a deep-rooted love for the savannah cat breed

Here at Savannah cats, we strive to produce friendly, healthy, domesticated, and cheerful savannahs by sticking to the TICA breed standards. Our kittens come with the exotic look of the serval along with the qualities to live in the family as a pet. We don’t believe in caging any kitten and ensuring bottle feeding each kitten leads to developing a calm temperament and strong human bond in their behavior.  We also offer lifetime care and support for keeping this pet. Approach us any time to take further information regarding our kittens. We are always available to respond to you quickly. 


What is an ethical breeder?

An ethical breeder is generally called a responsible breeder who starts with a thorough knowledge of the breed and remains available to support you in caring for the pet. Such breeders pay attention to the breed’s temperament, adaption, and history. 

Is savannah cat for sale comfortable with kids?

Savannahs are affectionate towards kids and they often get along well with other pets too. However, F1 & F2 generations are not recommended to keep them at home because they don’t get along well with little children. 


Are savannah cats destructive?

No, they have a calm temperament and are not aggressive by nature. Although they are high-energy cats and try to experience new things, they are safe to be kept at home. They like to be around human families. 

What makes a savannah the most desired feline?

They are the most desired pet for their exotic beauty, sleek skin, and elegant personality. Moreover, they are highly intelligent cats and have an excellent bond with humans. 

What kind of care do savannahs need?

Savannah cats do not require any special care. They are treated the same as domestic cats. A regular check-up is mandatory by a qualified veterinarian and they should also be vaccinated as other cats. 

How much does a savannah cat cost?

Savannah cat cost is higher than usual because cross-breeding of two different species is not an easy task. Only a few breeders get success in this regard. Sufficient time and money are invested to make this crossing possible. 

Should savannahs be kept outdoors?

No, Savannah cats are purely indoor pets, and let them run only in that space when they come back to the house directly.

Ethical Savannah Cat Breeder

Registered Breeder by TICA

At “Savannah cats”, we are committed to producing the highest quality kittens that are best suitable to be added to your family. It is only possible because of our knowledge and years of experience in this field. We are an innovative and ethical cattery. If you are looking for a Savannah cat that has been nourished in the home environment, do contact us. Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic exotic cat breed for sale. We hope buying a savannah kitten or cat from “Savannah cats” will be a great experience for you. We offer satisfactory customer services and appropriate rates as compared to the other breeders. 




In which color patterns do savannah cats come?

Savannah cats come in many different colors and patterns. These variations depend on the color of the serval and the domestic cats that are cross-bred with each other. The most common and traditional color is a golden coat with brown spots that give a wild look. The different TICA approved color patterns are given below;


Brown Spotted Tabby: All shades of brown and golden are considered the most popular colors in savannahs. This color gives a particular wild appearance. 


Silver Spotted Tabby: This is the second most famous color in savannah cats for sale. The color of the spots ranges from charcoal to black. These cats look very majestic but do not look like typical African Serval. Moreover, people are also not associated with this color variation. 


Black and smoke-colored savannahs: These cats are so dark in color that spots on their body are not clearly visible unless seen in good lighting. Although there is no serval found in smoke color yet these two color variations are also accepted by TICA.


Snow-colored Savannahs: This is quite a rare color found in savannahs. However, servals are not found in this color and also it is not acceptable by TICA standards. These snow-colored savannah cats come with blue or aqua-colored eyes which look very captivating.




TICA stands for “The International Cat Association”. It is the biggest genetic record registry of cats breeds which was established in 1979. TICA motivates its members to be ethically responsible towards their cats. It also ensures that all breeders and cats owners are caring and fulfilling the TICA standards to cross-breed new cats. They all work together to foster the preservation and welfare of cats’ breeds.

“Savannah Cats” is known as one of the professional savannah cat breeders and a registered member of this association. They strive to abide by all rules and regulations of TICA and provide their customers with registered savannah cat pets. 

Savannah Cat breed which was developed by the cross-breeding of a wild cat with a domestic cat, had been nominated a registered breed in 2001 by TICA. This is the largest breed of cats with a wild appearance. It comes in many colors and patterns. “Savannah Cats” offer quality savannah kittens of five different generations. 






Martha Robert

I had purchased an F2 savannah cat from “Savannah Cats” around 2 years ago. It is a great experience for us. We had chosen SCAR for our family. It was really a healthy kitten. The team of “Savannah Cats” really helped us to find the right food for its wild tummy. Now it has grown quite tall and long. I will surely recommend this to my friends also. 


David Oris

They have beautiful savannah cats in great health. They are really ethical and supportive breeders and assisted me a lot at every step. The kitten I chose for myself is quite friendly with every family member and also has a calm temperament. Satisfied with their business. 


Erin George

Tony is the most phenomenal F2 savannah cat and has a very close bond with me. It is really a joy for me. It never misbehaved with anyone.  “Savannah Cats” have proved themselves a responsible breeder and they nourished every kitten very well. Good luck for future endeavors. 


John Merck

My girlfriend and I fell in love with Ozzy at once. It is really a fun-loving and friendly kitten. It has an immensely wild look but yet as the domestic nature. It is extremely affectionate with every member of the family and behaves well in front of visitors too. Overall, it was a great experience with you guys. 


Lucy Daniel

They are offering truly remarkable services regarding every kitten they sell. I had taken Shango from them 9 months before and their team is very cooperative with me till now. Shango is a real joy for all of us. 



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