A 9-step guide to find student accommodation abroad

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Do you want to study abroad but are concerned that you will find yourself homeless? Relax! Study abroad housing has long been a major worry for student accommodation abroad planning to study abroad. International student housing systems differ depending on the university. Some institutions solely offer on-campus dorms, though some have both on and off-campus halls of residence.

Each city is unique, and some might even face housing shortages. We’ve listed a few studies abroad housing suggestions and how to find a place to live while you are studying abroad.


  1. Consult the international/study abroad office.

When looking for a place to reside, take advantage of school resources. In general, international student counselors are kind and helpful. Call or email them to inquire about their study abroad housing alternatives and the percentage of their students who live on and off-campus. Consult with the best overseas education in Delhi. They should be happy to assist you in finding a dorm (if you wish to meet other students) or propose popular international student housing in the area.

  1. Participate in Facebook groups where other students may be looking for a place to live.

Another excellent resource for finding a study abroad accommodation is Facebook groups. Moreover, connect to the study abroad consultants Guwahati.

Incoming and international students are likely to have active Facebook groups where they look for roommates, compare rent pricing, and exchange local apartment listings.

Look into Facebook groups for study abroad housing, especially if you want to live off-campus. People who have apartments to rent generally advertise them on Facebook groups, which is an excellent approach to find a suitable flat.

  1. Make use of any existing networks in the country where you are studying.

Make use of your connections when seeking study abroad housing. If you already have connections in the city where you’ll be studying, ask them if they know anyone who is renting or if they could contact anyone on your behalf.

Meet with the best education consultant in Delhi for the UK.

When looking for a place to live student accommodation abroad are most concerned about their safety. When looking for foreign student accommodation online, people are often concerned about fraud. If the network works out, renting from a friend-of-a-friend can save you money and protect you from fraud. Because you aren’t such a stranger, you may also obtain a better rate and a more pleasant experience.

  1. Think about staying with a host family.

For international student accommodation abroad, a study homestay is a common study abroad housing option. A host family can provide a fantastic opportunity to learn the language while also immersing you in the local culture and excellent home cooking. Know the best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

  1. Stay at a hostel and look for an apartment when you arrive.

It is often advisable to visit the region in person rather than browse online when looking for study abroad housing. Make efforts to form a relationship with the study abroad consultants.

If you’re studying in a nation where you don’t speak the language, you can still use this method by finding a friend who does. It will assist you in obtaining the most up-to-date and accurate information on foreign student housing.

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