6 Ideal Fonts For Business Logo Design

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Words may communicate a visual tale beyond their exact meaning with the appropriate typeface. While unique and professional logo design services are prevalent among major companies. Anybody can stand out by creating a text-based company logo using one of the numerous free or low-cost fonts available today. The flare you give to a wordmark, from line weight to letter width, distinguishes your business.

Are you ready to build a name for yourself in the industry? With these innovative font ideas for text-based business logos, you can get started on a great design.

First and foremost, what exactly is a font?

A font is a decorative part dependent on how a typeface is treated. A typeface or font family is a collection of letters having the same aesthetic style. You may, for example, alter the height or breadth of the characters, make thin or strong lines, or slant the letters.

Common typeface categories

Slab Serifs

Serifs in slab serif fonts are thicker and more prominent. Because the serifs line up horizontally, they can provide the impression of visual continuity. E.g. Rockwell, Courier, etc.


Serif fonts include ornate embellishments at the ends of letter strokes known as serifs. Serifs give the type a more formal and structural appearance.

San Serifs

Sans serifs contain no structural embellishments, thus the strokes are basic and clean. Many sans serifs have a minimalist appearance that is considered forward-thinking and modern.


Scripts are naturalistic types inspired by genuine handwriting’s flowing lines. They might be as ornate as calligraphy or as freeform as your handwriting.

10 Logo Designs Font Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

Seaweed Font

If you like the hand-drawn look, seaweed writing is a terrific choice. The slightly roughened strokes give an otherwise flowing design a playful, artisanal touch. The ornateness is muted by the handcrafted finish, making it ideal for craft, casual apparel, and restaurant branding.


Posterama is a sans serif influenced by Art Deco and Art Nouveau with a cosmic concept. There are 63 typefaces in the family, each having its own sets of letters, such as concentric capital Os and Qs.

Art and folk uses, as well as space and technology, benefit from the type’s wide inspiration. Many versions have a hieroglyphic feel to them, which may make a delicate wordmark brand stand out.


Comfortaa is a wonderful pick if you like the sleek simplicity of geometric fonts. The cheerful, modern style of the open, ultra-round letters is appropriate for practically any business. To keep it fresh and current, use all lowercase letters.

Emily’s Candy

Do you go out of your way to bring out the kid in everyone? Emily’s Candy is a whimsical typeface with curly serifs and hearts adorning the lowercase Is and Js. It’s a charming, feminine, and childish appearance. If you typically offer food or items for women and children, such as ice cream, toys, or spa and salon services, give it a shot.

Kally Slab

Kelly slab is a serif font with angled strokes that is square. The final product is a modern typeface with classic and creative characteristics. It’s appealing and legible because of the serif and geometric forms. Nonetheless, it’s commanding and contemporary enough to work as a tech or skilled trade logo design.


With clipped letter features, Nougatine is a striking display typeface. The abstract shapes and cropped forms are in line with current graphic design cropping trends. Surprisingly, it embodies modernism while retaining a sense of tradition. Consider utilizing it to modernize a local brand with a lengthy history.


When you want to combine enjoyment with traditionalism, lobster is the way to go. The freestyle writing is strong and upbeat, but it also represents family and legacy.


Monoton is a powerful serif display typeface with a multi-line style that isn’t for timid firms. While the letter arrangement is straightforward, the negative space adds strength and movement. If your logo design merely contains a wordmark or a simple logomark, Monoton is a good option.


While readability is vital, logo design font concepts may be more creative and adaptable. Many wordmarks include large-scale or all-caps typefaces, which can improve readability. You may also adjust a font’s dimensions or modify a letter or two.

Choose your favorite styles and continue to experiment with them to come up with new combinations. The most crucial thing is to produce a readily recognizable visual emblem for your audience. Feel free to use a traditional or innovative font as long as it accurately fits your brand.

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