10 creative DIY anniversary gifts for couples

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Anniversary Gifts for Couples

It’s no secret that anniversaries are a big deal. They mark a significant milestone in a relationship and are often celebrated with pomp and circumstance. But what do you do when it comes to the first anniversary? The traditional gift is paper, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with tradition. In fact, there are many creative ways to commemorate this special day. We’ve got 10 DIY anniversary gifts for couples that will help you celebrate in style.

1. Anniversary Memory Book

If you’re a big picture person, opt for a photo album that will help you make an unforgettable memory book of your first anniversary year with these Anniversary Gifts for Couples. You can start by putting together a time capsule to open one year from today. To create this memory book, you’ll need:

The pages don’t have to be strictly chronological—you can mix up the order and add in some fun extras like ticket stubs or restaurant menus. It’s important that each page is full of photos, so go ahead and get creative with collages and scrapbooking! Once you’ve completed your personalized memory book, lock it away somewhere safe until next year! We promise not to peek!

2. Anniversary Scrapbook

If a photo album isn’t your style, opt for a scrapbook instead. This is also an excellent choice if you’re on the hunt for gifts for men. It’s way more fun to use than traditional paper and has so many creative potentials! You can even make it as simple or detailed as you want. To create these Anniversary Gifts for Couples, you’ll need:

As with photo albums, each page doesn’t have to be chronological—mix up the order and add in some fun extras like ticket stubs or restaurant menus. And don’t forget that this would be just as much fun (if not more!) made together! Talk about an exciting first-anniversary gift idea!

3. Letter to your spouse

Here comes the mush. If you’re looking for a romantic anniversary gift idea, look no further than a love letter to your partner because these are among the best Anniversary Gifts for Couples. All good things start with good communication—something we hear all the time in couples therapy! But instead of speaking words of affirmation, tell them how you feel in writing. To create this anniversary gift, you’ll need:

A photo or two (optional)

So go ahead and pour out your heart and soul onto paper (or into an email). You don’t even have to wait until next year’s anniversary to give it away! Be sure to sign it “Love”, though 😉 Nothing says “I want my present now” like signing off with three X and four Os.

4. Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a fun idea that will task your brain, while strengthening your bond. An anniversary scavenger hunt will get you out of the house and into some beautiful locations you might not have otherwise seen together. To create this gift for couples, you’ll need:

Each clue should include what to find at each location, how long it will take to get there, why it’s important/what memories it evokes, and—most importantly!—the next location. You can make this as difficult (or easy!) as you’d like based on how much time you want to spend together during your anniversary date. Once all clues are completed and all items collected, host a treasure hunt where the winner gets an awesome prize.

5. Anniversary Picnic

Why not take advantage of the great outdoors by celebrating your first anniversary with an alfresco picnic? This kind of time is a great way to connect as a couple and enjoy the fresh air. Here’s how:

decide on a theme

To create this gift for couples, you’ll need:

A top-notch picnic doesn’t always mean you need to spend money…it just has to feel special and be memorable! So if it’s chilly outside, make sure you bundle up and look like a cute little Eskimo. If it’s warm out, then dress accordingly. A blanket or quilt will come in handy if the ground is wet or dirty (and don’t forget your hand sanitiser!). And most importantly of all—enjoy yourself! Picnics are about slowing down and taking some time for you two. And who knows what romantic surprises might be in store…

The traditional gift for a 1st anniversary is paper. A photo album or scrapbook makes for an excellent choice, one that will serve as the perfect reminder of your love story and all the happy moments you’ve shared together over the past year. To create this memory book, simply gather photos from your wedding day onward and fill each page with memories that represent your relationship. Don’t forget to include some of the photos taken before you met! Remember, it doesn’t have to be chronological—mix up the order and add in some fun extras like ticket stubs or restaurant menus. And don’t forget to hide it away somewhere safe until next year’s anniversary! We promise we won’t peek.

The Bottom line

Whether you are looking for a creative way to commemorate your anniversary or just need something thoughtful and inexpensive, these 10 DIY Anniversary Gifts for Couples will help. With so many options available, it should be easy to find the perfect gift that reflects how much you love each other!


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